Friday, February 23, 2007


should be my middle name. I am THE worst at getting stuff done. Whether it be house chores or stuff I like - I have good intentions in my mind but sometimes they just never get done!

In my choose joy class, we are making a layout about 100 things we are grateful for. I am currently working on that list. But she also wants us to keep a gratitude journal and write a sentence or 2 about what we were grateful for that day. So my gratitude for last night (for some reason I was totally grumpy yesterday and couldn't fall asleep) is the ice pack that makes my back feel better. I slack on the stretches but I like the feel of cold on my back.

Today I am going to CHOOSE JOY and be a more pleasant person at work. (I think it's hard because sometimes, like today, I just dread work!! Ugh!) Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I am obsessed. Really I just want to make layout after layout. I put myself on a spending freeze, but that really didn't work out. I have been buying a lot of stamps - I am addicted to clear acrylic stamps. I trekked out to Archiver's in Katy yesterday. Bought 2 sets of fun stamps. I haven't been buying any patterned paper because I REALLY need to use up what I have. And when Elsie's stuff comes out I want it all!! It's too cute - especially her skull stamp. Can't wait for it to be released!
I think scrapping is like therapy for me. Even better because it is (relatively) cheaper and I have a finished product at the end!
Now I'm going to my other obsession - American Idol!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Day off

Today is gong to be a shopping and scrapping day. I already finished one layout about my trip to NYC with Tinger. Fun fun fun!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's a vicious cycle

I have fallen out of blogging lately. I find that the less I write the less I feel like writing. And the less I feel like I have to write. This blog is really just for me to ramble and to look back on my own ramblings. I guess life is just getting in the way.
I watched Lost today. Love love love that show. I can see how people may get annoyed at how there is so much stuff going on and we don't have any real answers to what's going on with the island, but I am so enjoying the process of getting to know the characters. IMHO, that's the strength of the show - how the writers develop each character. I love that! Of course I would like to know exactly why the others are the way they are, etc, etc, but I like meandering along the way. Usually the meandering is more fun than what happens in the end - I find that endings can sometimes be disappointing. Case in point - I loved Desperate Housewives when we were trying to figure out why the one killed herself. But once that was solved, it just became a melodrama to me. So I stopped watching. But Lost I could watch for a long time.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Too many things in my head

So I just feel totally disorganized. Tomorrow I will get organized...yeah, famous last words!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Time goes by so slowly...

for those who time to hesitate...those who run seem to have all the fun...(madonna is a wise woman).

Where have I been the past 2 weeks? Swamped with work, American Idol, A Year to Remember and Fashion Week at Bryant Park, NYC!

I got back last night from New York. Ting and I spent 5 fabulous days shopping, drinking lots of coffee, bonding with Bill and Juan, freezing our a$$e$ off in the below 20-degree weather, seeing lots of new fashion, coveting bags and enjoying each other's company. I love my sister!

Our new OD, Dr. Thai, is leaving us so I will be working all by myself the last 2 weeks of the month...NOT fun, but what can you do? He is so sweet and will be missed!

I am falling behind on my scrap to get it together.

Overall life is good. Joe is really starting his ironman training and so he is always either hungry or tired and I kind of miss him, but hopefully we'll get back into our routine.

That's enough randomness for one night. Ciao for now!