Friday, February 29, 2008

Me again

Work was pretty busy today and I haven't yet done anything new, but take a photo while I was in action. Silly yes, but fun nonetheless! I accomplished my photog goal of the month- a self portrait everyday in Feb. It has definitely helped to stretch my creativity in terms of how to photograph myself. I am actually going to continue this POTD project but my theme for next month will be Joe. I'm sure he will be pleased...

No yoga for me tonight. I wanted to be home before the sun came down. I am in the process of doing laundry and attempting to tidy the clutter of our house. Another exciting Friday night!

Take a leap!

And do something that you wouldn't usually do. We get an extra day this year, after all! I am leaving for work right now so don't have time to take/post photos but I will be back tonight.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

One tired girl

Our tenants in the garage apartment out back have moved out and we spent most of our evening cleaning up. Luckily they had it pretty well clean, we just had to do some touch up work like sweep and clean the oven (gross!). We are also lucky that we already have tenants moving in on Sat - 2 brothers, one in law school and one who just got out of the military. We haven't met them yet, but hope they will be cool peeps.

I think my early morning is getting to me and I am ready for bed. Somehow I don't think I will be getting up quite that early tomorrow, as I have to be at work by 7. I am so looking forward to a nice 3-day weekend off!

Almost pretty

Getting up early is a good thing. Now I have time to do my civic duty and vote early!I was almost feeling pretty today and in this pic you can barely notice that one eye is a bit bigger than the other.

Sleeping is for pansies.

I think this morning was a record for me in terms of getting up to work out - 4AM baby! Joe wanted to run early so he would have time to lift weights and go to home depot before work. He is so efficient! So we were running in the Met garage by 4:30. Luckily I am a morning person by nature and don't mind the early hour too much: 1) as a young child mom would make us go to bed early early so I am used to sleeping early and not a night owl at all, 2) with our different work hours sometimes early in the morning is the most time I spend with Joe during the week, 3) I like exercising in the morning because it gives me more energy throughout the day and 4)it gives me more time to piddle around on the computer (i.e. blog) before I go to work! So it's a win win situation.

Now please excuse me while I go take a nap ;)!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It was 39degrees by the time we got to the park this morning! As much as I dislike being cold, however, I must remember (as Joe is quick to remind me) that this may be the last cold and dry we get before the weather turns sticky. So enjoy it!Another long day at work today, but at least it's already Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So attractive

So as I am getting ready this morning, I notice a mosquito bite right on my cheek. Lovely!

Monday, February 25, 2008


Tinger has been talking about this "superfood" called quinoa, which is a grain that is high in protein, fiber, magnesium and iron and can be used as a substitute for rice. I found some at Central Market today and decided to use it for dinner. De-lish!For dessert we ate the biggest Asian pear ever. Surprisingly enough it was very tasty as well.

I like to cook, it just takes so much planning and time that I don't do it as much as I should.

getting LOST

So one of my favorites TV shows EVER has been Lost. I initally watched it because I love Matthew Fox, from Party of Five. And I keep watching it because I feel it just gets better and better! The characters are multi-dimensional, the plot is unpredictable...I just love it! I try, however, not to watch it at night because I get too keyed up with the events of the episode. I just finished watching last week's show and OMG!! I am a little scared about how the show is going to end because the flash forwards do not paint a pretty picture.

More laters...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Self portraits

Yesterday:{notes: my fun shirt from H&M, bought in NYC with Tinger during fashion week last year. hotel room mirrors are definitely better for self-portraits than our mirror at home}

Today:{I *heart* my Tom Ford sunglasses and if I wear them everyday for a year they will have only cost me $1/day!}

P.S. The sky outside is beautiful blue and not a cloud in sight. I love living in Texas!

Weekend update

My weekend has officially started today - woo hoo! So, to bring you up to date:
Whilst I was at work for 8 hours, my dh was out riding his bike for even longer! (He left before I did and got home after me!). He rode his bike for 60 miles, ran for 8, took a short lunch and nap break, then rode for 60 miles longer! Yes, he is crazed but he is determined to do well for his last Ironman in AZ in a couple months.I must say I am very proud of him for being so disciplined but I am also ready for him to have a little fun too!

Last night Joe organized a dinner at this restaurant called Gravitas for our friends K+M ("the new gays") to officially welcome them back to H-town after being away for months and months. Our favorite boys were in attendance as well as the token girls, me and Darah.I had a yummy beet salad as an appetizer but my beef bourgignon (sp?) was not as tender as I would have hoped.
After dinner we headed to K+M's for some after dinner drinks. And some photo taking and some Guitar Hero!
D was a gentleman and walked me home before heading out to the bars with the rest of our peeps.

I didn't sleep very well last night so Joe went on his long run this morning sans moi. I did go to the grocery store before he got back so at least I was a little productive! We headed to yoga and ended with a good brunch at Empire Cafe.As you can see, I definitely enjoyed my food!

We will be watching the Oscars tonight at K+M's. Can't wait!

Friday, February 22, 2008


I practice yoga because it helps to calm me. Anything that has been bothering me through the day tends to melt away as I am concentrating on perfecting my poses. Yoga does not make problems go away, but it makes me realize that in the grand scheme of things they are not that big of a deal.I had to post later to day because Joe and I got to the gym at 5 am this morning and I had to be at work at 7! Tomorrow will be an early day as well, but at least I'll be out by 4.
Good night!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Good morning sunshine!

Joe and I did a quick little run in the Met garage (our gym) since it was too wet to go to the park. I bought some new running socks at Luke's this weekend and love how bright they are!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rain rain go away

So it's been raining pretty hard today. I got a cool reflection off my office window.
Mom is leaving for Japan tomorrow to help out her sister. She will then go visit Grandma in Taiwan, so she will be gone for probably over 2 months. That's a long time! I will miss her!


Today is the birthday of KD, one of my roommates from freshman year at Cal. She has been one of the most fabulous friends a girl could ask for. Unfortunately we live miles and miles away so we don't keep in touch as well as we should, but I know I can always count on her.
Happy birthday bebe!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So after work today Joe and I are going to hear and see Obama speak. I haven't decided who I want to vote for and the primaries this year are very important. Hillary is supposed to come to Houston as well and hopefully we will be able to see her also.

My self-portrait for today has 2 meanings for me: 1 - peace for all and 2 - vote!

Monday, February 18, 2008

I spy

I found this new photo challenge blog, (yes I am too lazy to figure out how to post a link), that I thought I would join. The challenge for this week was to find something BEAUTIFUL. Here is my photo:This is a lone rose growing by the side of our house. A sure sign that spring is not far away!

Self portrait catch up

With the long work days last week I didn't spend too much time on the computer. But I have been taking many photos still. Now I am all "caught up!"

I *heart* Mondays

Today is President's day, which is a holiday that only bankers and people who work for Enron get off. So Joe and I got to hang out today! Joe cycled yet again this morning, while I went to yoga.
After working out we went to a new place for lunch called Zoe's. They serve Greek-inspired food, which was yummy!

I had a fresh limeade with my chicken kabobs while Joe enjoyed the grilled chicken.
After lunch we went to Empire Cafe for dessert - I mean, we couldn't let half-price cake on Monday be wasted after all.

When we finished our chocolate indulgence, we did a little shop shop (I bought the cutest pink T at this boutique called Rosemont 310) and a little grocery shopping. The afternoon has been spent napping and watching a little TV. Not a bad way to spend a Monday!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fantastic weekend

Joe and I drove to Austin yesterday to visit with Tinger and BoomBoom. The boys were running the marathon (Boom) and half-marathon (Joe) while Tinger and I were their cheerleaders.
Tinger and I did a little window shopping while the boys picked up their packets. The four of us then drove the race course (Joe's suggestion, of course) before having an early dinner and calling it a night.

This morning started bright and early. We picked T+B up at their hotel around 5:30 am. After a light breatkfast we saw our runners off at the finish line. We were able to see them both at mile 6.

We also saw Boom at mile 21. Poor thing, he looked very tired.

Tinger and I were able to see both our boys finish their races. The best part of being a spectator is not having to run!Tinger made the cutest tees for us to wear during the race. Unfortunately we weren't able to reveal them until the end as the temperature was quite chilly!

The 4 of us had a yummy brunch at Kerby Lane before Joe and I had to leave. We made it back to h-town in less, than 3 hours, and now Joe is riding his bike for 2 hours! {Yes, I know, he is craz-ee!}
I love spending time with my baby sister and her hubby. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will eventually find a job somewhere in TX!