Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just a little thing

BK and JC's house is next to a music school. I like being here mid-afternoon (usually after a long morning of shopping, like today), chillin' and listenin' to the students practice. Sometimes they are really accomplished, sometimes they are beginners like today, but whichever they are, the music they make soothes my soul.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Not a fan

Billy and JC are a MAC family - they have a laptop and desktop. They do have wireless but I am having issues trying to connect to it on our laptop (PC). So Billy let me use their desktop to upload photos. I have been trying to put them on either Facebook or Flickr, but having major uploading issues - ugh! I'm sorry but MACs are not as intuitive as they claim to be. Maybe it's just user error, but I am definitely a PC girl at heart.

So, because of aforementioned issues, again a post with no photos. I practiced yoga again this morning. It's been raining again today - boo! Now I am off to meet my cousin Poni (stage name) and Aunt Fifi for lunch. Later gater!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Busy day

Joe left me to my own devices early this morning. Crazy boy is returning to H-town to put in some heavy miles on the bike before he flies back to the Big Apple. Yes, he is CRA-ZEE!

Today I woke up around 6-ish and decided to get a move on. I left the hotel around 7 and got to Billy and JC's about 7:40. The boys were still in bed, so I dropped off my stuff, picked up Billy's yoga mat and headed to yoga. Erik, one instructor at home, recommended a studio in SOHO, which was about 1.5 miles away. The walk was a good warm up, although I wish it hadn't been raining! I had a great practice, got really hot and sweaty (note to self: bring a towel next time!), was a bit intimidated by all the hard core yogis present but was really glad I went. My goal is to go every morning the rest of this week.

After yogi, I came home, rested a bit, went to Union Square and checked out F21 and DSW. Then I hopped on a subway back uptown to meet JC for lunch. We had Thai at this hole-in-the-wall restaurant (the best kind!) and then headed to the Salvation Army to pick up more stuff for our Halloween costumes (it's a surprise...I will post photos when we dress up!).

I rode back downtown and came home for another rest before heading back to Union Square for more shopping. I really wanted to find some tall black books, which I did at Filene's basement: Kenneth Cole for $80! Then I spent another $60 at F21 on 2 cute jackets. I'm not sure where I am going to pack all of my shopping finds...Joe will probably have to bring an extra bag!

After a quick trip to the grocery store, I am now resting with Marvin while waiting for the boys to come home. We will be going to dinner and working on Halloween costumes!

{Sorry for the lack of photos: I am blogging from Billy's computer as I haven't figured out the wireless connection yet.}

Monday, October 26, 2009

Taking it all in

We are enjoying our time in the Big Apple so far. Eating lots of good food, taking in the sights and watching a show (Next to Normal - it was excellent!). Today we stopped by the MOMA and are headed to the new park, Highline. I love this city!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I loved it!

2009 10 21 photo

new skirt

I tend to become obsessed with things and that's all I can think about. At the beginning of the year it was scrapping and photos and crafting. I still take tons of photos but sadly I have not scrapped in over 2 months! Aack! I haven't even printed any photos since May! Really need to get back into it!

So what has been taking up my free time? My other obsession, clothes! With wardrobe remix on flickr, I have been reassessing my closet and finding inspiration in clothes!

I just bought this skirt on sale and Anthropologie and love it, especially the ruffles and pockets. I've also decided that it's never to late to be a fashionista!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Great weekend

Spending the week away from home was no fun, but it did make me appreciate being home that much more!

On Sunday I made it to yoga. Unfortunately not practicing for a whole week really set me back on some of the poses, but I really need to remember it's not about getting in the poses, it's about breathing and stretching etc etc etc. The next month or two I will not be practicing as regularly because of my travel schedule and really need to appreciate what I can do and let go of the rest.

Joe and I had a yummy brunch at one of our favorite casual dining places, Empire Cafe.IMG_6881I enjoyed a chai latte while Joe got some regular coffeeIMG_6879. And I ate a breakfast quesadillaIMG_6883while Joe chowed down on some Italien toastIMG_6882.

Later yesterday afternoon we met up with our friends for a Funday Sunday. Our regular spot Berry Hill is no longer happenin' but a new bar, Bronx, has opened in its place.IMG_6888
2009 10 18 photo
IMG_6911(The last photo is of the 2 DJs who used to play at BH!)

Today Joe and I ate outside at Discovery Green. We also saw a cool exhibit of different decorated globesDSC_5411
DSC_5427Here are some of my favorites.

I am currently debating on whether I am going to practice some yoga this afternoon. I think I am more in the mood for a nap!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home sweet home!

I drove home yesterday. And in my haste to be home and the excitement of being home, I actually FORGOT to take a photo-of-the-day! The first time this whole year this has happened. I just remembered this morning. So I better go take one right now before this becomes a trend!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Magically delicious

Travelling for work is no fun. I like my schedule at home and have a hard time readjusting it, especially working out. I did find a yoga studio about 20 minutes away so I hope to be able to practice more next time I am here. I also am going to download a 1 week free membership to Bally's next time as well - hotel "fitness centers" really just don't cut it.

I spend more money too because I shop more - what else am I going to do? I really want to find a pair of cute comfortable shoes to bring to NYC at the end of the month.

But the one best thing about living at a hotel that serves breakfast?2009 10 15 photoAt least I get my cereal fix!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No rest for the weary

After spending the weekend up north, we drove back yesterday, rested and I am now out west in San Antonio. I will be working here indefinitely until they find a new doc. Luckily the other doc in H-town and I are alternating weeks here but it's still a pain.

Saturday night was really fantastic. We spent the night catching up with tons of peeps from high school. I must say, I feel our class is closer now that we have graduated than we were when we were in school...if that makes any sense.

I will admit the one person I was most looking forward to seeing was my dear pal, GD (pictured on left).oct 2009 026He was such a sweetheart to me my senior year and helped me work through many issues (mostly involving the boy pictured right!) without even knowing it! Although he may look a little goofy, his glasses a bit thicker than I remember and his voice definitely deeper than I remember, I really really loved seeing him and his sweet wife. Sometimes I feel like I have an unnatural attachment to old friends, but then again, who cares. They are what make life worth it, right?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


my attempt to post multiple photos from flickr...10.9.0910.5.0910.3.0910.1.09 shade

I survived!

The first night of our 20 year high school reunion! And really enjoyed it I might add. We started the night off with a delicious home-cooked meal by momThen changed and made our way to the homecoming game.We saw quite a few old friends at the game, even though it was quite chilly outside!After staying out at the game for far too long we made our way to M Bar, the meeting place for our class. I really enjoyed catching up with everyone, but especially 2 of my favorite boys from our class: (even though I see Billy much more than anyone else, I still really miss him! and Eddie has gotten even sweeter and cuter with time!)

Friday, October 09, 2009

Wish me luck!

This weekend is my 20th high school reunion! I cannot believe it...I really don't feel that old, but when you think about it, I was already 14 when my mom was my age now. And I still feel like my mother's daughter, as in, I am not ready to grow up!

Some fond memories of high school:Seeing Europe for the first timeMaking some dear friends, many of whom I have reconnected through Facebook!My bffs!And the first boy who broke my heart, yet is still my bff and who taught me to love unconditionally! I am still most looking forward to hanging out with him and his partner even though we see them every year!

Thursday, October 08, 2009


I feel like I have been neglecting the ole bloggy lately but I guess, like anything, my inspiration and motivation come in waves. I guess I could post about how unprepared I was this morning to run 7 miles in a sauna (well, not really, but that's literally how it feels like when you step outside right now...welcome, global warning!).

Or I could post how I am putting together my outfits for the weekend...gotta look good for the 20 year high school reunion!

Or I could post how the hubs literally packed a car full of stuff for a 4 day weekend (granted half of it was workout gear but still...).

I could even post that I am just looking forward to spending some quality time with friends and family this weekend.

Instead I think I will just get back to life...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I thought it was supposed to be fall...

but you never know what you are going to get with the H-town humidity! Although the temperature is in the high 70s (before 8 am, mind you), the humidity makes it feel at least 10-15 degrees warmer. And stickier. And grosser. How is a girl to wear any cute fall clothes?? Instead I am in thisjust hanging out at home until it's time to go to work.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

I just blinked

...and the 1st weekend in October is almost over! What happened??

Well...Joe finally returned home on Thursday. Friday we just chilled out at home. Saturday I got my hair cut and colored (see photo!). We also helped host an engagement party for our friends J&M at Club Rue.

And today I managed to practice yoga, do some grocery shopping, clean up my scrap crap (maybe I'll even get a layout or 2 done this month!) and upload a ton a photos. We also watched The Contender, a 2000 movie about a woman who get nominated to be VP of the country and how her opponents try to bring her down. It was pretty good, except for the cheesy ending.

I'm hoping this will be a less stressful week at work and am glad I still have another day before I go back!