Saturday, April 30, 2011

One month already?

2011 03 ee shala
I am trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I last month, I was spending a lot of my time here. I miss it so much already! Being able to focus on my practice was such a gift.

I miss the coconut water after practice, papaya for breakfast, 2-3 hour meals, conversations with fellow ashtangis, and so so much more!

top: Old Navy
skirt: Loft
shoes: Target
earrings: gift'd, remix'd
necklace: Collingnon Designs, remix'd
belt: Gap, remix'd

I will say that it didn't take me as long to readjust to my life stateside as I thought it would. Going back to work almost immediately helped (no time to think about anything) as well as only working part time (more time to hang out and practice).

I have definitely been making as much effort as possible to practice as close to 6 days/week as possible. I've also come to realize that if I plan on doing this practice for-the-rest-of-my-life, which I hope will be a long time, I have no rush to "get to the next pose."

(If you have no interest in yoga, please skip this part) Yannis progressed me to Kapotasana before I left, but I was really only doing primary in Mysore. Currently Yannis is helping me figure out how the hell to come up to standing from backbends (I thought dropping back myself was the hard part, but it turns out that was actually pretty easy) and I can tell it's going to take this old dog a while to learn this new trick. So I decided to add one pose from intermediate per week once I got back on a regular practice schedule. "Why you hurry?" would be what Sharath or, I imagine, Pattabi Jois would say.

I realized almost everything in this outfit is new, or at least new to the blog. The top I wore in India, the skirt was my first new purchase when I was traveling for work at the beginning of the month, and the shoes were an impulse buy inspired by this cute lady. They are real suede and extremely comfy!

Happy weekend to those of you relaxing. I am working today, but that's ok too.

Friday, April 29, 2011

In anticipation

all items remix'd
top: LoL for Target
pants: Gap
shoes: J. Crew
earrings: gift'd
belt: Gap

Practically everyone I know loves Target. I mean, what's not to love? Their Libery of London line from last year was one of my all time favorites and I had to control myself from only buying 4 things.

I am beside my self with excitement for the new Calypso line. I went to one of my local Target's yesterday and they had signs everywhere for it. I wonder if they will be putting any items out earlier than May 1st...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Running out of adjectives

We are having some windy yet warm weather. Too bad the wind doesn't cool the 90-degree temperatures at all!
all items remix'd
top: J. Crew
skirt: Ann Taylor
shoes: Marc Jacobs
earrings: gift'd

One of the best things that has come out of blogging is "meeting" different people from all over. I draw more inspiration from real life stylish chicks than anywhere else. My quandary now is that I feel like I am running out of compliments. Telling someone they look great every time I leave a comment can seem somewhat disingenuous, even though that's what I may feel. After all, I wouldn't be following their blog if I didn't like their style. Any suggetsions?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day of rest

all items remix'd
top: Patrick Robinson for Target
jeans: Gap
sandals: Target
earrings: gift'd
scarf&bangles: India

In practicing Ashtanga yoga, Saturdays are usually rest days. Adjustments have to be made, however, when living in the world outside of Mysore, India.

Because I have to be at work by 8AM on Wednesdays, I cannot attend the early morning practice at my "shala" (I used the term loosely because we practice in a room at a gym, but it's the closest thing I've got!). So I have elected Wednesdays and Saturdays I have to work as my rest days, in addition to the New and Full Moon days.

With this schedule I am practicing between 5-6 days/week. I have actually practiced 6 days in a row, up to today, so my body is aching for a rest. My mind, however, still wants to get on the mat. I suppose the challenge for me today is to practice the other limbs of ashtanga.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend wear

all items remix'd:
top: Gap
skirt: Anthro
shoes: B.Makowsky
earrings: gift'd
bag: Gucci

The hubs and I had a fairly relaxing Saturday. Practiced yoga, did a little shopping (I looked but didn't should be proud), met up with the friends, ate out too much...the usual.

I was super excited to see that they are putting in a Lululemon in the Galleria. I own way too many articles of clothing from this place, but I wear them a lot too. I especially love this wall.

all items remix'd
dress: Anthro
shoes (not pictured): Dolce Vita
earrings&necklace&bangles: gift'd
bag: Gucci

I never celebrated Easter growing up, so I never realized what a major holiday it can be to some people. We spent most of the day catching up with friends at various houses and restaurants. The hubs actually took quite a few photos of yours truly, but always forgot the most important part of the shoes!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Week in photos: It's all good.

2011 04 18 photo
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love my blue house.

2011 04 19 photo
Baby FC is one month (+ 2 days in this photo) old! I love how tiny his feet are compared to Mickey and Minnie's.

2011 04 20 photo
My heart absolutely melts when Baby J comes and sits in his "A-yee"'s (that's Chinese for Auntie)lap!

2011 04 21 photo
This photo was taken from Baby J's perspective: he was holding the camera and I helped him push down the button. His mama is one busy lady.

2011 04 22 photo
The hubs bought some papaya for us to try. It's not as delicious as what we ate in India (right now nothing is!), but it's not bad either.

2011 04 23 photo
This sign is outside a restaurant we ate at on Saturday night. I am trying to adopt this philosophy. I wonder if a yogi put it up...

2011 04 24 photo
Hanging out with my girls on Easter Sunday.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good morning sunshine

all items remix'd
dress: CK
shoes: Charles David
earrings: gift'd
necklace: old
belt: Ann Taylor

I am happy to have the weekend off. Although I guess I shouldn't complain too much since I only worked from Wednesday to Friday this past week!

I always tend to wake up earlier on days I don't have to work - want to eke as much possible out the day, I suppose. Here's to getting everything you want out of your weekend!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

To belt or not to belt...that is the question.
all items remix'd
top: NY&Co
skirt: J. Crew
shoes: Ann Taylor
earrings: James Avery, gift'd

Somehow the outfit looks a bit incomplete sans belt, although I do like how long my legs look in this photo :)

belt: Gap, remix'd

I do have a confession (or two). First, this is what I wore yesterday. I have decided that real time outfit blogging isn't just happening yet...and that's ok. Second, I wore these heels exactly 7 out of 8 working hours yesterday. I changed into flats by the end of the day because my legs couldn't take it any more! I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing...

turquoise ss shirt 01
I love this shade of's such a happy color!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feeling cheated

top: Old Navy
pants: J. Crew, remix'd
shoes: Marc Jacobs, remix'd
earrings: gift'd
necklace: Collingnon Designs

We are starting to get temperatures in the 90s this week. I am so not ready for it (again!). I feel a bit cheated because I didn't have a real winter this year.

And the real reason I feel cheated? I didn't get to wear my tall boots as much as I would have liked!

I guess on the flip side, the weekend I am going to search for some more flats to wear to work. As much as I love them, heels definitely make practicing yoga more difficult so I am limiting their wear.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A nod to the 70s

all items remix'd
top: Jovovich-Hawk for Target
jeans: True Religion
shoes: BCBG
earrings: gift'd
bag: Gucci

I have been inspired lately by different boho looks I have seen in magazines as well as on different style blogs, so I wanted to see what I could scrounge up in my closet.

I am glad I hung on to this blouse, because it works nicely, without being too costume-y. I just love Target!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A little bit of lace

top: J. Crew, remix'd
cardi: Target ($7!)
skirt: Old Navy, remix'd
boots: Anthro
earrings: Collingnon Designs, remix'd
tights: Loft, remix'd

So I been doing a teeny bit of shopping since I have been back.

I remember kicking myself for not buying the lace-y cardis from the Rodarte for Target collection last year.

So I was most pleased when I found this one, as well in black, on sale at It's perfect for warm Texas weather since it doesn't really function at all as a warming layer.

I wore this to work this past Saturday. One thing I did not miss while I was gone - working weekends. Fortunately we were not too busy so it was manageable. I also don't have to go back until Wednesday, so I shouldn't really complain!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Week in photos

Last week I wanted to focus on the small things that make life better.

2011 04 11 photo
April and May are my favorite months in Texas. The weather is gorgeous and jasmine grows everywhere. It seems divine!

2011 04 12 photo
Baby FC is so tiny. I forgot how small they are when they are new!

2011 04 13 photo
A simple homecooked dinner with friends is a great break in the middle of the week. My friend made a vegetarian lasagna - delicious.

2011 04 14 photo
This little boy is so sweet. I love him more than he knows.

2011 04 15  photo
Practicing yoga at home is all good when Sharath is in the room with you.

2011 04 16 photo
Good wine with good friends is always good.

2011 04 17 photo
We celebrated his one-month birthday with a little sip-and-see. I hired my friend Claudia to take photos of the was nice to be able to enjoy and not worry about picture-taking the whole time.

How was your week? What little things do you appreciate?

Getting in the groove

all items remix'd
top: Old Navy
skirt: J. Crew
booties: Aldo
earrings: gift'd
belt: Gap

Being away has made me appreciate the creature comforts of home, such as taking a regular shower and having air conditioning.

I have also enjoyed exploring my closet again. Skirts have definitely been the work theme last week (this outfit is from Friday).

I do, however, have to strategize when I can wear heels, as they tighten up the leg muscles and getting into the asanas a bit more challenging. I guess I shouldn't complain if wearing heels or flats is the most difficult decision of my day!

navy silk cami 01
I bought this tank a few years back specifically to wear with the striped cardi, but it has proved to be much more versatile than I originally imagined.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New background

all items remix'd
top: Anthro
skirt: Loft
shoes: Geox
earrings: Collingnon Designs
tights: Loft

I found a new place to take outfit photos...right in the parking lot at work. It works well because I don't have to worry about the neighbors seeing me. I just have to worry about other people coming in.

I also like the location because of lots of indirect natural light and no weird shadows at different times of the day.

pink Anthro showpiece tee 01
This pink tee from Anthropologie is quickly becoming a favorite. With it's pink and ruffled goodness, what's not to love!

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Free breathing, with sound!"

2011 04 yoga 07
This morning I finished off my practice week with another class "led" by Sharath. Hearing him on the computer was almost the same as being in the same room. Almost, but not quite!

2011 04 yoga 05
For one, I am not quite as focused when practicing by myself. No one call tell when I am not "working at my maxmum," as Yannis likes to say.

2011 04 yoga 04
But I still quite enjoyed my practice, which is the most important thing, right?

2011 04 yoga 06
I am feeling a bit brain dead today from a busy day, so I am glad that I practiced early. I need to remind myself to take deep breaths throughout the day when I am feeling overwhelmed.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


all items remix'd
top: Gap
skirt: Old Navy
shoes: Charles David
earrings: gift'd
necklace&tights: Loft
belt: Gap

I am slowly getting reaquainted with my closet. After wearing pretty casual clothes over the last two months, I am finally getting to accessorize!

black pencil skirt 02
This $15 skirt has definitely been a workhorse for me. At some point I feel like I should invest in something more substantial, but this will do for now.