Saturday, September 28, 2013

project life 2013 | weeks 34+35

Although blogging has been quiet around here, Project Life is almost up to date. I have completed through Sept 7th and just sent the last 2 weeks out for printing (taking advantage of 1cent prints on Snapfish) so I hope to be "caught up" in the next week (or two). But who's counting?

{Aug 18-24}
full spread, without inserts
The start of the week was an ordinary one; however on Saturday we left for our 2nd annual trip to Burning Man, where we spent 8 days in the desert! Because I document my weeks from Sunday to Saturday, I decided to keep the left side of the spread for the beginning of the week and the right side to Saturday, the start of our vacation.

full spread, insert right side
I thought I didn't take too many photos this week but still ended up needing an insert!

left side
My weekly title cards this year have been created digitally and include my Instagram photos-of-the-day from the week. I have been varying the color of the background and the little camera week to week but I love how it adds uniformity to the album. I also added a couple Instax photos I took - to make sure the camera was still functioning before bringing it to Burning Man.

insert, front
The main reason for the insert? We attended a 50th wedding anniversary and took a photobooth photo that ended up being the perfect size for the smaller page protector.

insert, back
I included an Instagram my sister took of JJ for his first day of pre-school. I can't believe how grown up he is!

right side
And all the photos on this page were taken with my iPhone on Saturday, when we landed in Reno. 

full spread, insert left side
Products used: old Love, Elsie paper from way back when, a bit of Seafoam Edition and new Vintage Travel Project Life edition.

{Aug 25-31}
full spread
Over the course of 8 days, my friends and took hundreds, if not thousands of photos. My plan is to create a digital mini album of our trip (hopefully by Christmas in order to give as gifts, but we'll see!) so for this album I simply picked a few of my favorite photos, added a few journaling and filler cards, and called it good.

left side
Because the desert has limited, if any, cell service, 95% of the photos came from real cameras. What a novel concept! So no normal weekly title card this time around.

right side
Burning Man is a life-changing, out-of-this-world experience and, one month later, my friends and I still can't stop talking/thinking about it. I miss being dirty and dusty and hot and wearing tutus and glitter platform boots. Looking at photos is the next best thing...until next year!

Products used for this spread: Vintage Travel Edition and 5th and Frolic Edition (yes, I may have a core kit addiction - can't help it, they are all so cute and irresistible at 40% off)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

#ckccbm2013 | Tutu Tuesday

Spending a week in the desert can be difficult; especially planning outfits. The weather can be hot/cold/windy/dusty all in one 24 hour span! This year was fairly temperate - on our early morning bike rides all we needed was a jacket. I am thankful that one of our campmates brought this fuzzy jacket - I work it pretty much the whole week.

Of course our day outfits were a bit more fun than the early morning ones. Traditionally Tuesdays are "Tutu Tuesdays" so of course everyone wore a tutu!

I seriously think life in the default work would be just so much more fun if we all participated in Tutu Tuesday. I mean, what's not to love?

Between the 6 of us, we had plenty of tutus for everyone to wear. Again, seriously want to somehow incorporate this in my normal life. Stay tuned.

The outfit of the day, however, belongs to B who created this amazing cape for a SuperHero party he went to that evening.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

project life 2013 | week 33

{Aug 11-17}
full spread
Just another ordinary week. The sumer has just flown by. I can't believe we're almost to the end of September...

left side
We attended a fund raiser at the Louis Vuitton store this week. Getting dressed up is always fun. And these were the only photos not taking with the iPhone. I used my little point-and-shoot instead, because I hate the quality of the photos with the iPhone using the flash. So evenings are the only time I really don't use it to take pics.

right side
I didn't take a ton of photos this week.

flip pocket
But I did make an interactive card with the photos from our trip to the zoo. Zoo dates are quickly becoming Joe and my time with the boys. We love it!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

#ckccbm2013 | Monday outfits

We've been back from the playa over 2 weeks now and still can't stop thinking or talking about it. With 10 of us there and and 5 of us actively taking photos, that's a lot of pictures to go through. Our camp has been sharing them through Dropbox, which is a wonderful way for multiple people to share multiple files.

One of the 10 principles of Burning Man is Radical Self-Expression, and what better way to express yourself than with what you are wearing. People are wearing all sorts of interesting, outrageous outfits (or absolutely nothing at all!) and half the fun of the whole trip is planning on what to wear!

{him: wig, vest & jeans, thrifted / tank: H&M / shoes: Doc Marteens, thrifted // her: cardi & shorts: thrifted / bra: VS / boots: Demonia}
I watched a video on YouTube saying that your clothes at Burning Man shouldn't be costumes but be outfits that you would like to but can't normally wear in your daily life. I am a relatively conservative dresser but like that I can show some skin at BM and not feel terribly self-conscious about it because there are tons of girls with tons less on :). And the hubs would never wear such bright colors (or jeans with stars on them) but it works out on the playa!

Our friend JC, however, has to win for best outfit of Monday night. We were dressing for a Michael Jackson vs. Prince party that night and good lord, he looks fabulous!

...and on the first full night in the desert, my hair was still looking decent. Wait until Saturday night's photos...

Monday, September 16, 2013

week in the life

I had the best intentions of documenting the little deets of life with my big camera last week. That lasted all of maybe half to one day? Oh well. I decided in the middle of the week (as I was losing steam taking photos in general) that I wasn't going to do a full album (or add to my already existing WITL album, that is) and just continue with Project Life as normal. That said, I did get a few extra pics. Here's a sample

#gotexans #weekinthelifeRelaxin' with the hubs #weekinthelife

Early to rise #weekinthelife
{yes, that is AM!}
Where I find my peace #ashtanga#weekinthelife

Morning cup #nocoffeenoprana #weekinthelife95% of the mail we receive is junk #weekinthelife

Bag lady in the am #weekinthelife
Couldn't resist #weekinthelife

I actually cooked tonight! #weekinthelife#happymail#jeffreycampbell#studiocalico

Saturday morning scrappiness #weekinthelife #projectlife#masterchef Christine Ha!
{Yes, we saw Master Chef Christine Ha! Too bad couldn't eat her food - all meat!}

Hazy morning #weekinthelife
My lovely #weekinthelife

Hope you had a great one!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

project life | week 32

{Aug 4-10}
Photo Sep 06, 5 58 55 PM
full spread
Wow, I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted some Project Life pages. Burning Man has definitely put me a bit behind...

Photo Sep 06, 5 59 26 PM
left side
This week was a pretty quiet one. I found the new 5th and Frolic edition from Michael's - new love! And my favorite photo is one that my sister took of the boys greeting their uncle Joe from the window - such a great capture!

Photo Sep 06, 5 59 10 PM
right side
The 'rents were in town so lots of family time this week. I am also thankful that PL now gives my a place to keep things like these thank you cards we received.

I am participating in the "A Week in the  Life" project with Ali Edwards this week. I am kind of glad it's happening after Burning Man so I can re-learn to appreciate the beauty that is normal life outside the playa. Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Burning Man 2013 | Mutant Vehicles

Being in Black Rock City for a whole week this year was a completely different experience from our 3 night visit last year. Now nothing will be the same as your first but we also camped with 7 virgin Burners so that was as close as we could get!

#ckccbm2013 #ekjsummer2013 #burningman #burningman2013
The mutant vehicles on the playa are always incredible. Our first night there we ran into Mr. Octopus, whom we had the pleasure of meeting last year as well.

Soul train #ckccbm2013 #ekjsummer2013 #burningman #burningman2013
He was shooting fire to the rhythm of the Soul Train nearby; so fabulous for our first night!

First #robotheart sunrise #ekjsummer2013 #ckccbm2013 #burningman #burningman2013
Of course we made multiple sunrise visits to Robot Heart. Love the vibe and the deep house beat coming from him!

#robotheart Saturday night #ckccbm2013 #ekjsummer2013 #burningman #burningman2013
Mr. Robot Heart at night.

#ckccbm2013 #ekjsummer2013 #burningman #burningman2013#ckccbm2013 #ekjsummer2013 #burningman #burningman2013#ckccbm2013 #ekjsummer2013 #burningman #burningman2013#ckccbm2013 #ekjsummer2013 #burningman #burningman2013
Some vehicles were fun to see.

#ckccbm2013 #ekjsummer2013 #burningman #burningman2013
Some were more interactive.

#ckccbm2013 #ekjsummer2013 #burningman #burningman2013
All were transformed at night. This year I made the conscious decision that I would experience the playa more than document it. At the time it was glorious, but now of course I wish I had taken more pics. But even if I had taken pictures 24-7 I think I would still want more pics because any single picture just doesn't do the experience justice. So it's all good.

The Man had just burned this time last week and I (and my fellow Burners) still can't stop thinking/talking/dreaming about it. Bear with me as many more posts will be to follow.