Sunday, March 30, 2014

on the mat | we love our yogis!

The new moon cycle started today so to celebrate, my friend S had a potluck and movie night at her shala.

Lots of good food to be eaten (and the best part about eating with yogis is that, while everyone may not be vegetarian, no one actually brought any meat!)

Relaxed time with our friends is always a good thing.

As is hamming it up for the camera!

I took full advantage of the moon day today and didn't even do any exercise at all. But sometimes rest is what you need. Namaste.

Friday, March 28, 2014

finally Friday

This week has gone by super fast yet - a super busy work week will definitely contribute to that! And tomorrow is a working Saturday (boo) but we have fun plans every night or day this weekend (yay) so that always helps.

At any rate, hope you have a  fabulous weekend. TGIF!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

project life 2014 | week 11

{Mar 9-15}
full spread, no inserts
Another week in the books. 

full spread, insert right side
Another insert for this week - we threw a "Moon Day" party on Saturday night in celebration of not having to wake up early to practice yoga on Sunday!

left side
I had fun picking coordinating cards and using circular photo templates as a change.

insert, front side
We also celebrated March birthday on Saturday night - we had 4 Marchies :)

insert back side
Our yoga peeps are definitely becoming more important people in our lives.

right side
My everyday life photos are all taken with my iPhone these days. As much as I love my Nikon, it's just SO BIG. Using it at a party or event is fine, but I have less inclination to drag it with me everywhere like I used to.

full spread, insert left side
I have recently reorganized my PL cards so I can see them all easily, which explains the appearance of all the fun bright colors this week. Stars make me happy.

Cards used from Studio Calico, Midnight and Honey Editions.

Monday, March 24, 2014

project life 2014 | week 10

{Mar 2-8}
full spread, no insert
This year I have made the conscious decision to "design" each weekly spread instead of put photos and cards in willy nilly. And I've really loved the result. I haven't been consciously taking less everyday photos but I don't take a photo of every single meal that we eat either ;)

full spread, inserts right side
We celebrated DD's 3rd birthday this week so naturally I had to include the party invite and extra photos.

left side
My title card was actually taken by JJ - it's a blurry photo but looked interesting to me. Our Amsel Adams in the making! And how could I not include Ellen's Oscars selfie - what a fun pop culture moment.

insert 1, back side
My sister's family is too beautiful to me. Love these guys so much.

insert 2, front side
DD loves watching Woody Woodpecker on YouTube with my mom, which is how the Woody theme originated. Super old school so my sis had to create her own decorations.

insert 2, back side
Collages are my friend when lots of photos from one event need to be included. Joe and I bought his first bike, like his brother, for this birthday. We love to be included in their lives like this.

right side
Not a ton of photos (besides party photos) this week, but that gives me an excuse to use the gazillion Project Life cards I have in my stash!

full spread, inserts left side
White space is making me happy. And I bought a bunch of new style page protectors, which are going to be fun to include this year.

Cards used are from Seafoam, Midnight, 5th and Frolic, and Vintage Travel Editions.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

on the mat | Happy Sunday

Yoga talk has been low over here lately - practicing itself is better than talking about practice - but sometimes having an outlet for one's thoughts is a good thing too. The time change has done a bit of a number on my sleep schedule - getting adjusted to the dark mornings and light evenings! Since we wake up between 4 and 4:30AM, we like to get to bed and sleeping by 9 but that doesn't always happen. 

What I love about Sunday practices:
-they set the tone for the practice week
-we don't have to get up before the sun rises and our bodies are warmer, making practice flow better
-we don't have to hurry to be at work so can take our time.

I've decided to join in the #100daysofhappy challenge on IG. Can you be happy for 100 days straight? I'm going to try!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

project life 2014 | weeks 8&9

{Feb 16-22}
left side, part one
I say this all the time, but this year is flying by. Been a while since I posted my layouts, although I have been keeping up fairly well with the project. I am still loving the minimal look with lots of white space. 

I am making an effort to include more of Joe's POV this year and more meaningful writing. Not always easy, but always worth it.

insert one, front and back
We went to Crested Butte to celebrate a friend's birthday as well as ski, this week. Our first trip of the year! Loved using an enlarged photo as an intro to the trip.

insert two, front and back
I had fun using different sized inserts to include more photos and cards from the Vintage Travel Edition for this week.

right side, part one
But instead of including every single photo I took from the trip, I chose my favorites from different moments that I wanted to remember. That cereal photos still cracks me up (notice the strategically placed vodka bottles, which the boys did NOT drink with their breakfast, thank goodness!).

left side, part two
Taking a trip, however, will always inevitably include tons of photos so I made this week a double spreader. I know I will never make a mini album I want to document as much as I can here. Maybe someday I will transfer all my trip pages from my PL albums into an exclusive travel album.

right side, part two
More favorites of lots of people from the trip. Our friend had over 40 people from childhood friends to new friends to help him celebrate. That's love for you!

{Feb 23 - Mar 1}

left side
Photos from the last couple days of our trip. I love all the blue in this layout.

right side
Coming home after a good vacation is always hard. A bit lacking of photos because no mountains around to inspire me!

Friday, March 21, 2014

finally Friday

DD just celebrated his official 3rd birthday on Monday. I can't believe my babies are 3 and 4 now! DD still has a bit of baby about him but JJ is all little boy these days. I still seriously adore these 2 little boys.

I broke down and bought these mini Project Life kits at -gasp- full price because I really want the Amy Tan kit and buying more would get me free shipping. 

Happy Spring! We are still adjusting to the time change, but are really enjoying the longer days. 

This week has felt especially long and I am super thankful for a long weekend. Enjoy yours!

Monday, March 17, 2014

full house

We had a full house of people over on Saturday night to celebrate the moon day on Sunday as well as the start of spring and March birthdays. This is my favorite thing of the month and now my heart is full as well :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

finally Friday

Another week down. This time change has done a number on our sleep schedule. Still looking for some inspiration. But in the meantime, we still live and love and do what we can.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

No rest for the weary

In anticipation of springing forward tomorrow, I woke up earlier than usual on a Saturday morning to get a quick cardio session instead of sleeping in. We have been back to working a couple Saturdays a month this year and while I love having the Monday off, going into the office on a weekend is never fun. But you gotta do what you gotta do!

Friday, March 07, 2014

finally Friday

Creativity has been eluding me lately. Haven't been inspired to photograph or write too much of anything, except daily documentation. I realize it's a thing that ebbs and flows but feel like it's been ebbing too much! 

How do you get your creative juices flowing?

And are you as glad as I am that today is FRIDAY!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

project life 2014 | week 7

{Feb 8-15}
full spread, no inserts
Still keeping things simple and clean. I really love the look of lots of white space.

full spread, inserts right side
Valentine's day was this week, so I included the cards we gave each other, as well as ones we received in the mail.

full spread, insert right side (without cards)
V-day is such a contrived holiday, but we celebrate it insomuch as we give each other little gifts and go on a date. This year, I added fun photos of us from years past. I want to include more old photos in Project Life to give more depth to our everyday stories.

left side
My favorite photo from this page is actually the blurry one - "baby" J took it of my sister, mom, and me. I guess he's no longer a baby anymore! 

insert, front and back
For this Valentine's day I decided to pull out some favorite, already printed photos of us and put them in our album so they can be enjoyed, rather just in a drawer.

right side
This year I am also making an effort to include more things that are important in our life. Like, I want to remember that this year Joe has started Cross Fit and rediscovered his love for skateboarding.

full spread, inserts left side
Seriously still love this project.

Cards used are from Seafoam, Midnight, 5th&Frolic editions, Polka Dot Party mini edition and Studio Calico.