Tuesday, April 17, 2012

project life | week 12

I am not sure how we arrived at the middle of April so quickly - this year seems to be flying by! Still loving Project Life, even though I am falling a bit behind.

week 12 full spread
Doesn't seem that long ago when Joe's family was here but it's been a month already.

week 12 full spread with insert right
Only one extra, little 6x6 insert for this week.

week 12 left side
Left side of the spread. We celebrated Joe's sister and niece's belated birthdays that Saturday night and I even took pics with my dSLR. My iPhone has both spoiled me and made me lazy, in terms of taking out the big camera. But nothing beats the quality of the big one so I need to remember to use it more.

week 12 insert front
A little 6x6 page I created about our addiction to am coffee.

week 12 insert back
Another 6x6 page I created about how I hate getting older. My back was really aching that Friday night after yoga and I had to use this icy-hot patch to alleviate the pain. I love that this was documented, as now I am feeling much better (but, of course, have random pains elsewhere!).

week 12 right side
Right side of the spread. We celebrated another friend's birthday that week. The restaurant we ate at was good, but the waitress didn't realize that being vegetarian means no fish either. A bit annoying!

week 12 full spread with insert left
The full spread with the insert on the left side. I realize adding all these extra pages is making my book extra fat so I may cut back...but then again I may not!

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Melissa Whittaker said...

I know Ali Edwards uses lots of inserts, so she ends up with two binders for each year. :) It's hard not to want to put in those inserts all the time! I think I use them about half of my weeks. We'll see how full my binder gets. Love your pages. I also love that you use Instagram to take your pictures. That would be SO much easier than getting out my camera and uploading the pictures for my posts. Hmmm :)

Sammy said...

All we need is love and coffee.. TRUE STORY.

And I know the feeling of "you're a vegetarian, so do you eat fish?" No that is not a vegetarian!! haha.

Anonymous said...

Love the "love & coffee!"

Megan G said...

Eep! I imagine it must be difficult being a veg. Hope you still had a great night out.

Victoria Rosas said...

love and coffee...for sure!

Love your pages, I'm a new follower :3

Anonymous said...

love your pages, especially your 6x6 inserts