Thursday, March 30, 2006

6-8 weeks!!

So I had a pre-op with my doc this morning to do blood work to make sure I'm not preggers (ha!). He said I probably won't be able to run for at least 6-8 weeks! And by run that also means no boot camp, swat or yoga!! This is really going to suck! I guess I'll be going on a diet.

So what that means for me now is to get as much in as possible! I think I will go for a run tomorrow morning...

Mysore was good tonight. I was debating going, but then thinking that I won't be able to after next week... just do it!!

Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day at work. Over 60 eyes!! That's a record for us. And after I must finish A&P's scrapbook. I may actually scan it to the computer as well, for my own records.

That's all for now. Almost time for bed (after I read all my blogs)

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