Friday, May 31, 2013

still here

Good morning sun
It's been one of those weeks where I don't have much to say. May is over and time is simply flying. So ready for a summer break!

Friday, May 24, 2013

project life 2013 | week 20 {blog hop!}

Hi and welcome to our May
Project Life Blog Hop for our Project Life Connection Group “Project Everyday Blessings”
We are sharing with you each month where we are with our Project Life System, Albums & Techniques.
It's our hope that we will inspire you to capture memories and record them.
If you missed the full line up here it is:

If you came from Living Life Creatively & With Twins, you are on the right track!

{May 12-18}
week 20 title page
title card
I am happy to report that I have been more or less current with my weekly layouts. To me, the beauty of this whole project is the IMMEDIACY of the memory keeping. You can literally record a moment the moment after it happens, on a 3x4 journaling card if you choose.

week 20 full spread
full spread
My pages this week actually coincide with the monthly topic so I thought I would discuss using the different page protectors. Last year I bought the big variety pack with 6 different page designs, but I found too many designs made planning things too complicated (another way to keep up with PL is to keep things as simple as possible!). This year I have been using mostly design A protectors, but got a little bored this week so switched it up a bit.

week 20 left side
left side
This side uses a design D protector, which is obviously great for vertical photos. And I tried something new this week - using old photos in a "current" album - and love it!

May 12th was Mother's Day, so to honor our moms I made a layout with baby pics of the hubs and I with our mommies. This page makes me smile. The photos of Joe and his mom are scanned and printed copies while my photos are the actual originals, so I used photo corners to adhere them to the page instead of using adhesive directly onto the pic. I am definitely going to do this same thing for Father's Day.

week 20 right side
right side
Using design F page protectors is great for adding lots of small, i.e. Instagram/iPhone photos. I tried to do a random mix of square and rectangular photos as well as digital and physical stamping. Part of me is tempted to go all digital next year, but I love playing (and buying) paper too much! I bought the Blush edition from Hobby Lobby and actually used it on this page. It may be my new favorite.

Hope your Project Life is going well and you are having fun with it. I look forward to seeing all our PL inspiration!

Please hop to Deez Creative Designs and you can find more Project Life fun at Project Everyday Blessings.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

that time again

Watching our favorite show #sytycd
I don't think I will ever become tired of watching amazing dancers and wishing I could dance like that!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

project life | week 19

{May 5-11}
week 19 title page
title card
Still loving this project every week.

week 19a
full spread
I am trying to keep only 2 albums this year (if I continue with Project Life I am going to eventually need a whole room just to house the books! this stresses me out a bit, so I try not to worry about it too much) so to add more photos and not an insert this week, I used lots of photo collages.

week 19b
left side
I am also trying to capture random little moments as well as big events. And also use up my supplies! Although PL is supposed to simplify memory keeping, now that so many manufacturers are making products for it, getting caught up in all the pretty stuff and wanting to buy a lot of it is easy to do. I guess, just like getting caught up in buying the latest dress at Anthropologie...

week 19c
right side
So instead of hoarding my pretty papers, I am making an effort to use them so they can be seen and appreciated in my books instead of sitting in a box for the "perfect" occasion. After all, there will always be more pretty papers to be had...

Monday, May 20, 2013


Yesterday we celebrated the anniversary of my 29th birthday with brunch and drinks for a fabulous Funday Sunday. I am happy to report most photos were actually taken with the big camera (although I didn't adjust the settings properly so the pics didn't turn out exactly as I wanted, but sometimes living in the moment is more important than documenting it.).

Thanks to all my dear family and friends who helped me celebrate the anniversary of my 29th birthday!
Although Joe specifically requested no gifts, my dear family and friends are more than generous in showing their affection. I couldn't be more blessed.

Off to enjoy the rest of my day with my favorite man. Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

on the mat | thank you, guruji

May 3: Practice. Good! #fmsphotoaday #ashtangayoga
Today marks the 4th anniversary the passing of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the father of the yoga that I love to practice. While I never had the privilege of learning with Guruji, he still inspires me every time I get on my mat.

Practicing in India with Sharath as my teacher was an experience I will never forget and hope to repeat some day in the future. Until then, my (new-ish) teacher here in Houston is amazing and we are so lucky to be learning from her.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

project life | weeks 17+18

{Apr 21-27}
week 17 title page
title card
Still loving this project.

week 17a
full spread
Been keeping things simple lately - photos + words + cute filler cards

week 17bweek 17c
full spread, inserts right then left side
For our trip to Miami, the Instagrams that I took over the weekend made up the insert and the main page included photos from the "real" camera.

week 17d
left side
Project Life can be anything you want it to be. I've been doing this consistently for 3 years now and I guess what I love documenting are the people in our lives.

week 17e
right side
Taking inspiration from a YouTuber I watched, I am keeping my vacation pages as "separate entities;" i.e. they can be removed from this album and placed into a vacation album if I choose. The blue tones on this page were not done on purpose but I liked how it worked out that way.

{Apr 28-May 4}
week 18 title page
title card

week 18a
full spread
Again, super simple pages.

week 18bweek 18c
full spread, inserts right then left side
This album is going to be completely stuffed for this half of the year, which is one of the reasons I am keeping the embellishing to a minimum. But I had to include our anniversary cards as well as an enlarged photo of us commemorating the occasion.

week 18d
left side
The rest of our vacations photos from Miami.

week 18e
right side
Wow, can't believe May is already here. And can't believe we've been married 11 years. Time flies when you're having fun!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

weekend lens | art car, baby!

Houston host an art car parade annually. This is the first year is a long time I have been able to attend (usually am working).

Saturdays are good for glitter boots, no?...and a top hat
This year, in anticipation of our upcoming Burning Man trip at the end of the summer, we also decided to dress up.

Seeing all the interesting cars was cool, and fortunately yesterday wasn't as warm as it normally is here.

2013 05 me 052013 05 me 04
But to be honest, dressing up was actually the funnest part of the day.


May 12: #ilovemymom #fmsphotoaday
Happy mother's day to all those moms and people who love their moms out there!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Cuteness at 2+3

May 7: something that begins with F! #fmsphotoaday
DD is talking so much more these days! And he is more amenable to giving his auntie kisses instead of the usual "no!" I would say every other request is met with a cold shoulder but one out of 2 ain't bad!

Auntie's favorite 3 year old
JJ is my sweet albeit a bit naughty boy. He always gives auntie kisses even while pushing the boundaries of what he can and can't do.

Still feeling super blessed that we live so close to these guys so I can watch them grow up (and be close to them as well). I love that they feel super comfortable around me and there's no being shy around auntie. Gotta treasure these little moments!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

project life 2013 | weeks 15+16

{Apr 7-13}
week 15 title
title card
It's hard to imagine April is already over! Time flies when you're Project Life-ing ;)

week 15 full spread
full spread
When creating my weekly layouts, I usually choose the photos from which I want to tell the stories and build from there. The papers and embellishments I don't match on purpose but will try to coordinate at least a little.

week 15 left side
left side
Included a newspaper clipping as well as a ticket to an organ performance (yes completely random, I know, but a dear friend is dating him!). Too bad the Rockets are out of the playoffs but they did well for a rookie team.

week 15 right side
right side
I am making an effort to include photos outside of people and food, but as you can see, sometimes it's hard. People and food make the better part of my life.

{Apr 14-20}
week 16 title
title card
My daily IGs do capture some random moments in our life.

week 16 full spread
full spread
Doing a lot more handwritten journaling this go-round. My handwriting is still barely legible but I'm working on it. Lots of orange and blue on these pages.

week 16 left side
left side
My cousin actually ran the Boston Marathon this year. She was already finished by the time the bombing occurred, so thankfully she was not hurt.

week 16 right side
right side
This week didn't have a ton of photos so I decided to add some more filler cards. While Project Life has made memory keeping so much simpler, it is hard not to get caught up (on IG, blogs, YouTube, etc) on all the product that can be bought for it. Just like my closet is full of clothes that aren't worn that much, my collection of scrap crap seems to be growing, when technically it should be shrinking. So I am trying to use what I love instead of hoarding it!

That said, still loving this project and working on documenting our Miami vacation as week speak.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

weekend casual | a little love

us 2013
HER:dress: Anthro / shoes: Sam Edelman / HIM: top: French Connection / shorts: Gap / shoes: Jack Purcell
One of the many things I love about the hubs is that he takes me to places he knows I'll want to take photos of (and in!). The wall behind us was part of a large mural in midtown. Great spot for engagement or any kind of love photos!

The whole wall was super cool. We love finding cool graffiti art.

Saturday, May 04, 2013


11 years ago today, I married the boy who made me feel like the most special person in the world on that day, and every day after.

Today, feeling special included:
Anniversary tulips #11years
a bouquet of my favorite flowers

lunch with friends

a cool spot he wanted to share with me (because he knew I'd love to take photos of it).

Love you babes, now and forever.