Tuesday, May 21, 2013

project life | week 19

{May 5-11}
week 19 title page
title card
Still loving this project every week.

week 19a
full spread
I am trying to keep only 2 albums this year (if I continue with Project Life I am going to eventually need a whole room just to house the books! this stresses me out a bit, so I try not to worry about it too much) so to add more photos and not an insert this week, I used lots of photo collages.

week 19b
left side
I am also trying to capture random little moments as well as big events. And also use up my supplies! Although PL is supposed to simplify memory keeping, now that so many manufacturers are making products for it, getting caught up in all the pretty stuff and wanting to buy a lot of it is easy to do. I guess, just like getting caught up in buying the latest dress at Anthropologie...

week 19c
right side
So instead of hoarding my pretty papers, I am making an effort to use them so they can be seen and appreciated in my books instead of sitting in a box for the "perfect" occasion. After all, there will always be more pretty papers to be had...

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Style Journey said...

I really like the cover page for this week with the chevron paper. I can see myself hoarding pretty paper and inserts if I did something like this too. It's such a cool project! Heather