Saturday, September 29, 2012


Good morning

time: 6:32AM
location: the desk of my hotel room
drinking: the first cup of coffee for the day
waiting: for breakfast to be served
hearing: the drizzle of the rain from outside
hoping: that the hotel people correct my incorrect receipt {which they just did - woot!}
loving: that the hubs was able to come on my work trip with me
wishing: that he was still here :(
thinking: about our Halloween will be here sooner rather than later
wanting: to be happy with what I have
needing: to fill up the gas tank before I drive home after work today

inspired by her and her.

Friday, September 28, 2012

stripes and dots

top: F21 / cardi: Old Navy / skirt: Loft / shoes: Tory Burch / necklace: Collingnon Designs

This cardi is the only new clothing item I have purchased in far. On sale, it was just too cute to pass up and since the office is too chilly for just a tank, it was a perfect layer. The hubs is leaving me to my own devices this morning, but luckily just 2 more days and one more night before I return home.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

what to do during a long lunch

top: Anthro / skirt: J.Crew / shoes: Tory Burch / necklace: Collingnon Designs / chains: Calypso for Target

Still enjoying our time in Austin. Not much to report except that I am TRYING my best not to shop too much (it's hard when the office is near a few outdoor malls, lunch hours are actually 2 hours long and a credit card burning a hole in my pocket!).

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

hello Austin

top: Ann Taylor / skirt: Loft / shoes: Tory Burch / sunnies: Dsquared

The hubs and I are in Austin this week: me for work and him because I am here. Despite being a work trip, being here feels like a mini-vacation: less hectic schedule, meeting up with friends for meals, good yoga studio and great biking for Joe. Having cooler temps helps as well. {and can you believe it's the last week in September? where has this year gone?!?}

Here's to a great rest of your week!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

project life | week 38

{Sept 16-22}
#projectlife week 38 full spread
full spread
Even though I have been going through a creative lull in my photography, I still love this project.

#projectlife week 38 left side
left side
I think what I love best is just recording random little moments from our days.

#projectlife week 38 right side
right side
I also want to not necessarily record minute details of challenges in our life, but to remind myself (and anyone in the future that may happen upon this book) that things aren't always perfect but that makes us appreciate the good times even more.
The Mom Creative

Monday, September 24, 2012

weekend update | hammer time

We had some out-of-town guests this weekend. Joe worked with J way back when and J&A actually got married the same year we did. They have 2 beautiful little girls and not much time for themselves so we were lucky to be able to spend some time with them over the weekend.

My favorite store #lululemon
Much of the weekend was spent practicing yoga as well as buying cute yoga clothes, eating, catching up and the boys finished a triathlon in Galveston (the hubs finished 2nd in his age group!). I could use more weekends like this!

Friday, September 21, 2012

on the mat | right vs. left

As with any physical activity that is performed routinely, yoga comes with its share injuries, at least for me. While most of the poses are symmetrical (i.e. lunge on right side, then lunge on left), some of the binding poses are not quite as much.

Lotus pose typically involves putting your right foot on your left knee then your left foot over your right leg onto your right knee:20/366.

Similarly, Supta Kurmasana, or Sleeping Tortoise, a pose I have been trying to master for 2+ years now, typically involves placing your left leg over your left shoulder then your right leg over your right shoulder: supta kurmasana.

Y, my teacher, suggested this week that I try Supta Kurma with my right leg over my right shoulder first. I have also been doing the lotus poses with the left leg up first. I did this twice this week and, boy, what a difference alternating legs makes! My a$$ has been sore all week and switching legs makes it feel like a completely new pose. Goes to show you how one side of your body can become more flexible than the other.

This has definitely been a humbling week in my practice. But I am happy to challenge myself in new ways. Now excuse me as I go take an Advil...or two.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

feeling flirty

top: Loft / skirt: JCrew / shoes: Tory Burch / earring&necklace: gift'd

Another secret to feeling good when you're having a "fat" day - wear a long, flowy skirt with ballet flats. Can't get any more feminine then that!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back to basics

top: Anthro / pants: Gap / shoes: Geox / earrings&necklace: gift'd

On days when I am feeling less than inspired to think about what to wear (a.k.a. feeling lazy), a fun top and comfortable pants are a go-to.

black cropped chinos 07
Every girl should have a good pair of black pants (IMHO). They are especially good for "fat" days as well (a.k.a. ladies holiday, that time of month, etc.).

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

project life | week 37

{Sept 9-15}
#projectlife week 37 full spread
full spread
Halfway into September and I am patting myself for keeping current with this project. Having virtual inspiration and encouragement through blogs and IG definitely helps.

#projectlife week 37 left side
left side
Digital templates and making an effort to upload and edit photos daily helped keep the stories I wanted to tell fresh in mind and easy to complete.

#projectlife week 37 right side
right side
My own messy handwriting included in each weeks helps to keep this project "scrappy" for me and nothing beats the quality of a good dSLR photo.
The Mom Creative

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mondays are hard

top: F21 / shorts: JCrew / shoes: B. Makowsky / necklace&cuff: gift'd / bracelet: Chan Luu / bag: Marc by MJ

Getting up before the sun comes up always seems to be harder on Mondays. Maybe our bodies are missing the relaxation of the weekend? At any rate, here's to hoping for a gentle day back to work for you as well as for me :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012


dress: All Saints / necklace: gift'd / shoes: BCBG / bangles: Alexis Bittar / bag: Gucci

This is my last outfit BB (a.k.a. Before Bangs). We went to an art gallery opening last Friday and this dress was perfect for the warm weather.

Now please excuse me while I go sneeze another 1023 times...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

that time of year

top: Anthro / skirt: F21 / shoes: Ann Klein / belt: Ann Taylor
I went to Forever 21 looking for Burning Man clothes, but I also found this fairly modest, well-fitting skirt. I love the polka dots, so of course it came home with me.

But, really, it's that time of year again. Not back to school and not even back to fall, although the temps and humidity have been more bearable this week. Allergy season - woot! Scratchy throat, itchy eyes, sneezy nose...gotta love the change in weather that comes with September. Here's to hoping allergy weather will keep the temps even cooler.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

project life | weeks 35+36

{Aug 26 - Sept 1}
#projectlife week 35 full spread
full spread
Still loving this project, although feeling a bit overwhelmed from being away for over a week. I decided Burning Man is going to need it's own either mini- or full album, so just put a few of my favorites in this week.

#projectlife week 35 left side
right side
We were also able to catch up with some friends and family while in California. Sigh. There is just not enough time or money or time to be with all the people we want to be.

#projectlife week 35 right side
left side
Most of these photos have already been on the blog; again, pictures do not do the experience justice.

{Sept 2-9}
#projectlife week 36 full spread
full spread
In an effort to stay on top of this project I am posting up-to-date photos of the album. Thank goodness for extra 3 day weekends to get caught up on creative projects.

#projectlife week 36 left side
left side
Sunday and Monday of last week were spent driving back to California, decompressing from the weekend, visiting more friends as well as hanging out in the city. We got a lot done in the week! And Project Runway night was fun to come home to on Thursday to catch up with local friends as well as continue to get back to "normal."

#projectlife week 36 right side
right side
This year is seriously flying by. And I could use another vacation...
The Mom Creative

P.S. I still remember...

Monday, September 10, 2012

got bangs?

I purposefully waited until after Burning Man to schedule some pampering with my hair stylist and colorist. Bangs have been a major obsession this year and I finally worked up the courage to cut them. I think I like it...a lot.

Friday, September 07, 2012

finally Friday

Work has been fairly low-key this week, of which I am thankful, but I am also thankful that a 3-day weekend is ahead as well. Burning Man is still on my mind, but I promise this will be the last post about it.

Entrance to #burningman2012The #burningman at night #burningman2012 #latergramMe and @hoover11 at #burningman2012Amazing art #burningman2011 #latergramThe Man #burningman2012 #latergramMore art #burningman2012 with @hoover11 #latergramTake me to you leader @hoover11 #burningman2012 #latergramDust devil #burningman2012  #latergram#distrikt #burningman2012 #latergramTip of the temple #burningman2012 #latergram
Photos cannot even begin to do justice the experience we had; I took around 700 pics but wish I had taken more. Sometimes, however, participation takes precedence over documentation. Next time (yes, we are going back), I think I will devote one whole day just to take photos of everything I can and then (maybe) put the camera away. We'll see about that!

I plan on taking the weekend to do life and blog catch-up; thanks for your kind comments! Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

OOTY (Outfits of the year)

One of the Burning Man tenets is "radical self-expression," which can be translated in many ways via art, music, dance and dress. Anything (or nothing) goes as far as wardrobe attire, although extremes are popular, dressing like your biggest fantasy, or wearing the wardrobe you were born in and nothing else.   The place reminds me of a cross between Star Wars (the original on Tatooine) and Mad Max.

BM12 053
Our Friday night looks. Everything I am wearing was borrowed from R; everything on Joe was bought second hand,

BM12 085
Our Burn night looks. Everything I am wearing was borrowed from R (though now I think I want my own tutus and giant platform boots!); Joe has actually had those silver pants from when we first started dating!

We were probably "overdressed" compared to the majority of the crowd there (i.e. not showing as much skin) but having daily outfits that you would never normally wear was great nonetheless.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

back to life, back to reality

Our house for the next 4 days...
Joe and I just spent the most amazing week in California and the middle of the desert of Nevada a.k.a. Black Rock City a.k.a. the Playa a.k.a. Burning Man. What we experienced at Burning Man was nothing like anything else and will be almost impossible to describe in words and even photos. Right now, however, we have to wrap our minds about getting back into our normal, oh-so mundane routine. Be back soon!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

project life | week 34

#projectlife week 34 full spread
full spread
Even on weeks when I think I didn't take that many photos, I can fill these pages up.

#projectlife week 34 left side
left side
I love that I can be as scrappy or as simple as I want to be.

#projectlife week 34 right side
right side
And I'm thinking that by next year, this is all the scrapbooking I will want or need to do. Love it!
The Mom Creative