Tuesday, September 11, 2012

project life | weeks 35+36

{Aug 26 - Sept 1}
#projectlife week 35 full spread
full spread
Still loving this project, although feeling a bit overwhelmed from being away for over a week. I decided Burning Man is going to need it's own either mini- or full album, so just put a few of my favorites in this week.

#projectlife week 35 left side
right side
We were also able to catch up with some friends and family while in California. Sigh. There is just not enough time or money or time to be with all the people we want to be.

#projectlife week 35 right side
left side
Most of these photos have already been on the blog; again, pictures do not do the experience justice.

{Sept 2-9}
#projectlife week 36 full spread
full spread
In an effort to stay on top of this project I am posting up-to-date photos of the album. Thank goodness for extra 3 day weekends to get caught up on creative projects.

#projectlife week 36 left side
left side
Sunday and Monday of last week were spent driving back to California, decompressing from the weekend, visiting more friends as well as hanging out in the city. We got a lot done in the week! And Project Runway night was fun to come home to on Thursday to catch up with local friends as well as continue to get back to "normal."

#projectlife week 36 right side
right side
This year is seriously flying by. And I could use another vacation...
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Stephanie said...

Great layouts and wonderful photos!

Mary Dapelo said...

Great layouts! They are so colorful. :)