Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week in photos

It's been another busy weekend, full of work, play and little time for blogging.

2011 05 23 photo
Last Monday was the last day I saw the peanut and his little brother. That's the worst part about working away from home!

2011 05 24 photo
One good thing about staying at a hotel is hanging out by the pool after work.

2011 05 25 photo
Another good thing is eating authentic Indian food with a dear friend.

2011 05 26 photo
And I always love fine soles.

2011 05 27 photo
Some oms to ends the week.

2011 05 28 photo
The view of Austin from our hotel.

2011 05 29 photo
Spending the day on Lake Travis. This may be our last year so at least it was a good one!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Snowball effect

top: NY+Co, remix'd
pants: Gap, remix'd
shoes: Seychelles
sunnies: Dsquared, remix'd
earrings: gift'd&remix'd
necklace: Collingnon Designs, gift'd&remix'd
belt: Gap, remix'd

As I mentioned before, when traveling for work I tend to get bored and shop more than usual. Put me in the middle of the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale and all hope is lost. I was patient and bought a pair of shoes that I have been eyeing for a few months.

Naturally you can't (or I can't) just buy one pair of shoes. I had to stop myself from buying a 3rd pair of shoes. And of course, I have a few pairs in my online shopping cart...once I get going it's hard to stop.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Missing my closet

all items remix'd
top: Ann Taylor
skirt: Old Navy
shoes: Ann Taylor
sunnies: Dsquared
earrings: Collingon Designs, gift'd
belt: Gap

When traveling for work, I spend more time on the computer reading blogs, especially my favorite style blogs. Then I start missing all the pretty clothes in my closet and have to do my best not to shop. So for my next work trip I need to not be so lazy and bring something more fun to wear (even though I really love this shirt).

{Belated} Week in Photos, part III

I am not sure how Thursday crept on me like it did, but here it is! Last week was a busy one!

2011 05 16 photo
Finding a wonderful place to practice in Austin has made all the difference in the world in my attitude about traveling for work.

2011 05 17 photo
Eating some yummy "upscale" Indian food didn't hurt either.

2011 05 18 photo
Luckily the drive only takes 2.5 hours when the traffic is light.

2011 05 19 photo
Hanging out with the hubs. We walked to the grocery store...trying to act like we live in NYC, I guess. We also love this giant tree in our neighborhood.

2011 05 20 photo
The little buddha celebrated his 2 month birthday last week!

2011 05 21 photo
Taking silly photos after a couple glasses of wine.

2011 05 22 photo
Showing off some new birthday jewelry. The earrings were from my best friend who lives in San Francisco and the necklace was from my hubs, made by my yogi friends.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sticking to the basics

all items remix'd
top: Anthro
pants: Gap
shoes: Geox
sunnies: Dsquared
earrings: gift'd
necklace: Collingnon Designs, gift'd

Traveling for work can be a pain, especially when deciding what to wear. My outfits the next week and a half will be a bit basic and boring because I'm just not organized enough to plan "cool" work clothes.

red rose is a rose top 01
This top is a favorite of mine purchased with my Anthro birthday discount last year. I picked up a few things this year, but have not really been inspired that much by anything.

Speaking of sales, the Nordstrom half-yearly sale starts today and some shoes I have been eyeing are 30% off. I may have to buy a pair!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Presto change-o!

How many different things do you wear in one day?
birthday outfits
On a good, busy day I wear at least 4 different outfits! One for running, one for yoga, one for the day and one for the night. Seems like it may be excessive, but it's really not.

dress: Old Navy
shoes: B. Makowsky, remix'd
earrings: Collingnon Designs, gift'd&remix'd
necklace, Collingnon Designs, gif't'd
belt: Gap, remix'd

I bought this dress before I left for India for less than $10 new. This is why I don't go thrifting...I feel like I can find new stuff for just as much (although I understand thrifting is much more green, etc., etc.). I went with my boys to see Bridesmaids on Saturday after yoga. Kristen Wiig is hilarious!

dress: All Saints
shoes: Gucci, remix'd
earrings: gift'd&remix'd
bangles: Alexis Bittar, gift'd&remix'd

And this dress was a recent acquisition from our trip to San Francisco. I love the unusual cut and pattern, and that it can be dressed up or down. I'm sure it will get a lot of wear this summer.

I guess I should be on my way - I have an extra long commute this morning to Austin, Texas. Will be there for the next 9 days. See you on the flip side!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Birthday celebrations

Birthday weekends are always the best.

On Friday, the actualy D-day, the hubs took me for coconuts after yoga practice. They were cold and delicious, almost as good as in India!

We devoured dosas for lunch at our favorite hole-in-the-wall, Udipi.

He took me to T'afia to enjoy a fabulous birthday dinner.

On Saturday, the hubs surprised me with having some of our friends practice yoga with us in the morning. I was so happy during practice that I was practially smiling the entire time.

Everyone did really well.

And Joe was the coconut man after practice.

Saturday night Joe invited our friends for drinks and dessert at Boheme, one of local wine bars.
I loved seeing all my friends and family.

We danced the night away at the Madonnarama.

I really have the best hubs a girl could wish for.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Breaking the rules for my birthday

tank: Old Navy
skirt: H&M
sandals: B. Makowsky

Are 40-year-olds expected to dress a certain way? If so, I am sure I am breaking all sorts of fashion rules. My hemlines are above my knees, I love ruffles and color, and I have been known to wear 4-inch heels every now and again. I figure, if I still got it, I might as well flaunt it, right?

My sister has the most amazing foyer and stairwell at her house. Makes for some fun remix photos.

Yesterday I spent my birthday doing all the things that I love: running and practicing yoga with the hubs, eating some good Indian food for lunch, taking lots of photos and spending time with my sis and nephews.

all items remix'd
dress: Gap
booties: Tory Burch
earrings: gift'd
necklace: F21

This is what I wore to dinner with the hubs last night. This dress is an oldie but goodie. Again, drop-waist, ruffles, high heels...breaking all sorts of fashion "rules" here I am sure - but rules are meant to be broken, right?

My birthday celebration is apparently going on all weekend long. More to come tomorrow!

Friday, May 20, 2011

14610 days old

all items remix'd
top: NY&Co
skirt: Loft
shoes: Target
earrings: gift'd
necklace: Tiffany's , gift'd

Wow, that seems even older than 40 years! I try to view every day as a gift and enjoy it as much as I can. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty about loving my life like I do, but really I don't have much to complain about.

Getting laid off last November was ultimately the best thing that could have happened to me at the time. I didn't have to work over the holidays and got to enjoy them instead of feeling burnt out and tired, like I normally do. I planned an almost-two month long dream trip to Mysore, India to practice yoga, which I never would have done had I still been working. I got called back to work In December so I knew I would have a job to come back to.

I am currrently working part-time and while not quite dictating my hours, my schedule is definitely more flexible. I feel like this has made me a better person at work and in life.

If you haven't yet figured out, today is my 40th birthday. Good grief, I definitely have mixed emotions about becoming a whole DECADE older. Aside from a few extra aches and pains that don't go away as quickly as they used to, I feel like I should be about 29. I am also hoping you can only tell my age by the wise look in my eyes, not by the wrinkles beside them :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Too much stuff

all items remix'd
tank&skirt: Old Navy
sandals: Target
sunnies: Dsquared
necklace: Tiffany's, gift'd

I just spent the better half of the afternoon organizing my closet. Or I should say, attempting to organize my closet. We have limited closet space so I store winter clothes in the summer and vice versa. While I was doing this, I tried on some things to determine if they were worth keeping.

I purged my closet of 30+ items, including 5 pairs of jeans. I decided that nothing dates a person than jeans that don't fit correctly. I didn't realize how low my low-rise jeans were until I tried them all on. And isn't low-rise so 2000?

Also, how many pairs of jeans does one person need, especially one who wears more skirts now that she has been documenting her life in outfits? Even with getting rid of 5 pairs, I still have 13 left in my closet, which should still last me for a while...except that I got rid of my one pair of white jeans because they were from '04 or '05...sigh...it's never-ending!

{Belated} Week in Photos, Part II

2011 05 09 photo
I spent my last day in the Bay Area with my best friend and her family. They are sickeningly cute!

2011 05 10 photo
My trip was cut short in order to make it home to see this lady. This was the previous post that was eaten then regurgitated by blogger.

Her live show was amazing. I think I *heart* Kylie even more than Madonna!

2011 05 11 photo
I have decided my nickname for the new nephew is going to be Little Buddha. I adore his cubby cheeks!

2011 05 12 photo
Our dad came down last week to help look after Little Buddha while his mom and Baby J went to the dentist. They both did a great job!

2011 05 13 photo
Dad cooked us dinner last Friday night and put together this delicious-looking bowl of fruit.

2011 05 14 photo
Hanging out with the hubs on Saturday. My favorite part of the summer is the longer daylight hours we have,especially to take pictures.

2011 05 15 photo
On Sunday before I left for Austin we went rock climbing. Of course the hubs is a natural, looking like a giant spider crawling up the walls.

top: Old Navy, remix'd
pants: Anthro
shoes: Target
sunnies: Dsquared, remix'd
earrings: gift'd&remix'd
necklace: Tiffany's, gift'd&remix'd

And what I wore on Monday, my first day in Austin. These are some new pants I acquired from Anthro a few weeks back. They are definitely a new silhouette for me - pleated, loose and cropped. I should probably wear them with heels so I don't look totally stumpy, but I think I will be having fun styling these this summer.

D-day is tomorrow so don't mind me if you hear a lot of whining.