Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week in photos

It's been another busy weekend, full of work, play and little time for blogging.

2011 05 23 photo
Last Monday was the last day I saw the peanut and his little brother. That's the worst part about working away from home!

2011 05 24 photo
One good thing about staying at a hotel is hanging out by the pool after work.

2011 05 25 photo
Another good thing is eating authentic Indian food with a dear friend.

2011 05 26 photo
And I always love fine soles.

2011 05 27 photo
Some oms to ends the week.

2011 05 28 photo
The view of Austin from our hotel.

2011 05 29 photo
Spending the day on Lake Travis. This may be our last year so at least it was a good one!


Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, your little peanut is getting so big! It's amazing to have watched him in your photos throughout this year.

Hope you had a fabulous time!

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Megan Mae said...

You're nephew is getting so big! I'm sure the other one is growing like a weed too. I'm going to have to go to Texas just to find some Indian food (we have a pretty big lack of it in TN).

Anonymous said...

little JJ is getting bigger, thanks for the pic...looks like you had a full and great week....