Friday, February 22, 2013

project life 2013 | week 6 {blog hop!}

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week 06 01
This year I have been experimenting with different photo printing options. Last year I was completely OCD about being "caught up" every week and used Walgreens almost exclusively. The reason I decided to change is really simple: I prefer matte photos over glossy and Walgreens only has glossy available. After using both Snapfish and Winkflash online, I have decided I will probably do most of my printing at Costco. Good quality and good prices, especially for enlargements.

WEEK 6 {Feb 3-9}
week 6 02
title card
Like I have mentioned before, I have been using digital elements and my Instagram photos-of-the-day to create my weekly title cards. I like how this brings uniformity to the album. This year the focus of my POTD has been city scenes, as suggested by the hubs.

week 06 03
full spread
As you can see from this layout, the majority of the photos I took this week were of people.

week 06 04
full spread, insert right side
I also included a photo of a four-legged creature.

week 6 05
left side
From doing this for 3 years now, on a week when we have a lot going on I typically know in my mind what I want to include in Project Life. The people in our life are important to me and I like to remind myself how lucky I am to have them!

week 06 06week 06 07
insert front and back
We took our nephews to the zoo one day. I actually think my favorite photo of the bunch is the one with the hubs and JJ walking together - I love seeing how tall Joe is compared to JJ and it will be fun to notice how that changes with time.

week 06 08
right side
And I don't mind that the majority of the photos included in the spread are taken from only a few days. Those are the things I want to remember from the week.

week 06 09
full spread, insert left side
Photos from Nikon (dSLR): 11
Photos from Canon (Point and shoot): 3
Photos from iPhone (excluding IGs on title card): 5
Yes, some days I may actually have 3 cameras on my person, but I'm just weird like that. Lots of fun stuff going on this week that I wanted to take better photos of so the big camera came out a lot. This is not always the case.

I am looking forward to see photo inspiration along the hop! Thanks for stopping by :)

Please hop to Deez Creative Designs and you can find more Project Life fun at Project Everyday Blessing.

newest obsession

I actually started watching this the beginning of the 3rd season but recorded the marathon that started with the very first episode. Kind of been enjoying this retrospective view.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

good morning, good evening

Good morning sunshine @hoover11
Another day coming to a close...
Hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

project life 2013 | week 5

{Jan 27-Feb 2}
week 5 title page
title card
This year I have been making simple weekly title cards with different digital elements. The photos on the card are my Instagram photos-of-the-day.

week 5 full spread
full spread
Kind of a typical week.

week 5 left side
left side
I decided to include photos of a couple places in which I spend a lot of time. The bottom left photo is of our dear friends E&R's garage apartment/yoga shala. We practice there roughly 4x/week. The top right photo is my work building.

week 5 right side
right side
I finally got my hair cut this week. And I am trying to get a balance of full pocket photos and photo collages. The bottom right photo is of some yoga peeps with our teacher Y, with whom I now practice 2 days/week (on the days we're not with E&R).

I seem to be going through a creative lull with my photo taking. Just not as inspired to get the camera out for everyday stuff, but I figure this is all part of the creative cycle. Some days you're feeling it; some days not so much. Either way, this project is still my fave.

The Mom Creative

Monday, February 18, 2013

weekend casual | you're an all-star

#allstar weekend
Houston was the host for the NBA all-star weekend and the chaos commenced Thursday evening. We didn't go to any events but did walk around a bit just to see what all the fuss was about. Apparently the police shut down the Galleria an hour earlier than normal on Saturday night because it was beyond capacity. Glad we weren't anywhere near there!

sweater: Gap / jeans: Uniqlo / shoes: Jack Purcells / sunnies: Dsquared / camera: Nikon
Too bad I didn't get any celebrity photos, but we did have a major celebrity (well, major to us, at least) sighting yesterday. Our neighbor is a certain #13 for the Houston Rockets and we rode down the elevator with him in the afternoon. Sounded like he was running late for the game and he had one of his many entourage with him. I had my big camera on me but didn't want to be the invasion-of-privacy neighbor so refrained from asking him if I could take a pic. This is only the 2nd time I've run into him so next time I need to figure out a tactful way to ask for a photo :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Vday in IG

@hoover11 knows I prefer tulips over roses
The hubs and I aren't huge Valentine's people but I do love receiving flowers from my main squeeze. And he knows I prefer tulips (especially when they are pink!) over roses.

Arm candy from @hoover11 #chanlui
A little arm candy from my arm candy always helps too.

Valentine candy mother load
We hosted the Project Runway party last night and one of my friends, who is a teacher, brought over the mother load of V day candy. Fortunately most of it was claimed by other friends, although we did keep the Lindor (love those truffles!).

Belated Valentine love from me to you!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

my littlest valentines

Spending the lunch hour with the boys is always a good break from the work day. Now that my hours have changed I haven't been able to see them as much as I used to so I take every opportunity I can to visit.

My littlest valentine #latergram
Instead of buying them sweet treats I opted for books instead - Curious George and the I Love You book. They will last longer and are better for your teeth!

Another book made it all the way out to California for another little boy to enjoy. Like me and my sister with the boys, his parents have a hard time keeping him still for a photo!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

project life 2013 | week 4

{Jan 20-26}
week 4k full spread
full spread
Another week for the books.

week 4j full spread inserts right side
full spread inserts right side
Funny thing is that sometimes I feel like I haven't been taking that many photos lately, yet I still end up with extra pages for the book.

week 4i left side
left side
I have been making more of an effort to do handwritten journaling this year, even though my writing is barely legible. And the blue card with white type is a freebie I found with a quote from Pres. Obama'a inaugural speech.

week 4h insert 1 frontweek 4g insert 1 back
insert 1, front and back
Took my darling nephews to the park on that week. Just picked a couple of my favorite shots to enlarge to 5x7.

week 4f insert 2 front
insert 2, front
Used a 4x6 journaling card to put down some thoughts about the boys. Cut down a page projector to make it fit.

week 4e insert 2 back
insert 2, back
Also went to the Rockets game one night so did a little 4x6 card about that.

week 4d insert 3 frontweek 4c insert 3 back
insert 3, front and back
Joe visited his aunt this week and they took a road to trip Vegas.

week 4b right side
right side
The top half of this page are just some more photos of my week; the bottom half of Joe's. I asked him to write a little about his trip. This year I am definitely going to include more of Joe's point-of-view, since this is supposed to be OUR book, not just mine.

week 4a full spread inserts left side
full spread, inserts left side
Love this project more and more. Onto the next week!

Monday, February 11, 2013

weekend lens | food and friends

Always taking food photos!
Indian food

Mimosa time!
Blood orange mimosas

Happy wedding Stephanie!
Lovely ladies

Dessert pancake
Dessert breakfast pancake. {I was actually so full from breakfast yesterday that I actually skipped dinner last night. Probably a first for me ;)!}

Friday, February 08, 2013

working wardrobe | finally, Friday

dress: Banana / cardi: Loft / shoes: Tory Burch
This week seems to have whizzed by, which is a good thing, but I am feeling rather exhausted. So ready for a restful weekend! Hope you have a great one!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

working wardrobe | day in, day out

top: Ann Taylor / pants: Gap / shoes: b.o.c.
Life has been rather quiet lately. Not necessarily a bad thing, but nothing too exciting to report. Still just working for the weekend, I suppose.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

working wardrobe | running late

top&skirt: JCrew / shoes: Tory Burch
You know you wake up early when you feel behind waking up at 4:30AM. New 8-5 work day everyday dictates that yoga practice needs to be completed by 7:30 at the latest which means yoga needs to start before 6. I like to be up at least an hour before practicing so my body can warm up a bit. The things we do for our practice...

Hair courtesy of @davidisabamf and @poochy77
In other news, I finally got my hair did! Not having my bangs in my eyes feels much better :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

project life 2013 | week 3

{Jan 13-19}
week 3 full spread
full spread
This year is seriously speeding by. I'm still wrapping my mind around the fact that we are already in February.

week 3 left side
left side
I am definitely enjoying my more relaxed approach to this project this year. And I think my favorite part of this whole thing is looking back at the bits and pieces of everyday life that has been documented. Some are big-ish things, like Joe running the half-maration; some are small, like what I cooked for dinner one night or the fact that American Idol is on again.

week 3 right side
right side

These days about 75% of my photos are from my phone. And I'm ok with that. I wish I could, but taking the big camera out for a run simply isn't practical :)

The Mom Creative

Monday, February 04, 2013

working wardrobe | lucky girl

top: Anthro / cardi: Target / skirt: Uniqlo / shoes: Tory Burch / earrings: gift'd
When I am in a sour mood, I always try to remind myself how lucky I am with any multitude of reasons. I suppose anyone who has extra time and resources to be able to blog at all is a lucky person.

This weekend I feel lucky because I have a hubs who doesn't mind painting with me, and who would rather plan an Oscars party than a Superbowl party :) (I assume the Ravens won, but don't know for sure?).