Tuesday, February 12, 2013

project life 2013 | week 4

{Jan 20-26}
week 4k full spread
full spread
Another week for the books.

week 4j full spread inserts right side
full spread inserts right side
Funny thing is that sometimes I feel like I haven't been taking that many photos lately, yet I still end up with extra pages for the book.

week 4i left side
left side
I have been making more of an effort to do handwritten journaling this year, even though my writing is barely legible. And the blue card with white type is a freebie I found with a quote from Pres. Obama'a inaugural speech.

week 4h insert 1 frontweek 4g insert 1 back
insert 1, front and back
Took my darling nephews to the park on that week. Just picked a couple of my favorite shots to enlarge to 5x7.

week 4f insert 2 front
insert 2, front
Used a 4x6 journaling card to put down some thoughts about the boys. Cut down a page projector to make it fit.

week 4e insert 2 back
insert 2, back
Also went to the Rockets game one night so did a little 4x6 card about that.

week 4d insert 3 frontweek 4c insert 3 back
insert 3, front and back
Joe visited his aunt this week and they took a road to trip Vegas.

week 4b right side
right side
The top half of this page are just some more photos of my week; the bottom half of Joe's. I asked him to write a little about his trip. This year I am definitely going to include more of Joe's point-of-view, since this is supposed to be OUR book, not just mine.

week 4a full spread inserts left side
full spread, inserts left side
Love this project more and more. Onto the next week!


Abby Devine said...

AWESOME... layout for this week. Lots of great photos and love how you put it all together. Love the collage pic in the upper right hand corner of right page... super fun!

Pink Ronnie said...

I LOVE Week 4, Eek! Especially all those little inserts. So cool.
Ronnie xo

laura kate said...

Love that you have a bit of your husband's POV. The strip of instagrams across the week card are great, too!

Cerise said...

Still loving your title card! I've been trying to get my husband to include some journaling in our album too. It's nice to look back and have another family member's POV.