Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Only 32 hours

...of work left until a 4-day weekend!! Work kind of reminds me of school. It's not so bad once you are there, but thinking about it leaves me with dread. Not a good thing. I need to change my attitude. I think it's just that it's never ending. There is always going to be another month. Always another target to hit. Always more patients to see. Good and bad, I guess.

I haven't been blogging as much lately because I haven't had much to say. Still into the scrappin'! I need to find more WRMK linen albums. I love them. HL had lots and I should have bought more when they were half off. But they didn't have all the cool colors. We really need to organize our "office/guest room" as well. Hopefully we'll be getting a new desk soon.

I just joined Netflix, and I am enjoying it. Not having to go to the video store is a plus, as well as no late fees. I also like having a bunch of movies that I've already chosen and they send them one by one. My kind of store!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Where does the time go?

Ting and I. About 27 years ago and now. We've definitely grown! And our love and affection for each other has grown as well. I love being able to say that my sister is one of my best friends in the world. She is so adorable. I just love how cute she looks in the older picture.

This Library of Memories class is really making me thinkof (obsess over) my photos and memories in a whole new perspective. I can't get enough.

I like that most of my photos are digital because they are easier to sift through, but I like scrapping with paper. So I need to print off way more pics. I'm liking the black and white conversion too because then, a la Cathy Z., I can pick any colors that strike my fancy. I am slowly making the conversion.

Well, it's off the work now. Save the fun for later.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Scrapbook nerd

That's me. I am currently taking 2 classes at BPS: A Library of Memories and Product Playground. The first is more of an organization and re-think the way you scrapbook class. I really love it because I have been a chronological, event-based scrapbooker my whole life and I want to get more into my pages. The Why-factor. I still am having a hard time with the photos, though. Most pic I take are at "events" or "things" we do, but I think this class will help me focus on what other pictures I should or want to take.

The second class is about using your products in layouts. This is great for me because I have countless scrapbooking supplies but am loathe to use them (because they are so cute!). But the only reason I have them is to use them on scrapbook pages! So this class will compliment the first because it will take the pictures I'm organizing and help me make pages with them. I am very excited about that. Now my only problem is having time to scrap! Work is going to be crazy until the end of the month so I probably won't be scrapping too much until then. My goal is one page a week for the product class. I can do it!

Monday, June 19, 2006


Joey is coming home tonight. Or this morning, I should stay. I am getting very sleepy waiting for his plane to arrive. Poor thing, he had 2 flight delays on his way back. He will probably be even more tired.

I slept pretty poorly last night - I think it is mating season for frogs or something, because that's what it sounded like last night. I woke up at 3:30 am and kept waking up every hour after that. I hate when that happens. So today has been in a sleepy haze. I was somewhat productive - cleaned dishes and house.

Mom and Dad are in Japan for the next 6 weeks. I wish we were there too. I guess I should just be happy that tomorrow is a day off.

Gotta keep awake to pick up my Joey. toodles.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Only one day to go

Working on Saturdays stink, but at least tomorrow and Monday are days off! And Joe comes home tomorrow - woo hoo! I think part of the reason I've been in such a bad mood lately is 'cause my baby is gon.

I went to dinner with Marc, Darryl and Darah last night at Thai Spice. Then we went to see The Break Up. It was pretty good - funny parts and sad parts. I enjoyed it overall.

Gotta gear myself up for work. Laters.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Deep breaths

I am still obsessing over this whole work/vacation thing. I think I need to just chill out. Everything should work out in the end. Staffing is out of my control so I shouldn't stress about it so much. Just take each day as it comes. And if I have to take an extra sick day, so be it.

Breathe in, breathe out. Enjoy your life. It could be much worse. Now rinse and repeat.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Working is for the birds...

The problem with having a 3 day weekend is that it is all the harder to return to work on Tuesday! Lately I have been unhappy with the job. Not the actual work itself, but our crazy schedule. I don't mind being busy - in fact I like that it makes the day go by quicker. But being chaotic is another thing. And we have been really chaotic for at least 2 months now. We simply don't have enough people to work the volume of patients we are seeing. This has been an ongoing problem with no end in sight. That's what frustrates me. I try not to think about it and just do my work but, as usual, when I start thinking about it I start obsessing about it.

My motto is to take things day to day. Enjoy each day for what it is. That's what I need to do. It's just that sometimes work gets in the way of life.

Sigh. I miss my Joey!

I have been in a George Michael kind of mood lately. Listen without Prejudice is probably one of my favorite cds. It reminds me very much of the angst I felt in college. But it's just good music as well. I really would like to create a scrapbook of the music that moves me. It would be a work in progress as I have so many different musical influences over the course of my life! But a fun project nonetheless. Need to ponder that one...

Monday, June 12, 2006


So while Joe has been away, I have been compulsively organizing my photos (a la Stacy J's class at BPS), scanning my negatives (almost done with the box I dragged back from my parents' place) and scrappin (done a total of 6 layouts over the weekend. I even used the newest kit I got from A Million Memories. Days of hoarding are over. Yes, I can use up my scrap materials. That way I don't feel guilty for buying new stuff!).

I have barely even left the house all weekend - hee hee. On Sat I had to see post-ops and afterwards I made a trip to Wally World and Hobby Lobby. I want to get more linen We R Memory Keepers albums, but HL's supply is running low. After scrappin' all afternoon I watched So you think you can Dance?, my new summer show. And I had cereal for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. That is so sad, but when I'm involved in something sometimes I just don't feel like eating (yes, very rare for me, so I need to take advantage!).

On Sunday I ran/walked and got a newspaper. Went to yoga in the morning. Cleaned house a litte. Actually made a sandwich for lunch. Darryl came by around 3 and we went to La Strada for a bday party for a client of his. His friend was cute and the people watching was entertaining but after about 2 hours I was done. When I got home, I drank lots of water to sober up and attempted to get something organized in my scrap room, but didn't get too much done.

Today has been fairly productive. I went by the post office as well as the g-store to stock up on some Rachael Ray staples. Went to the library and half price books. Scrapped and scanned. Got my new CK and some books from my friend Amy for my bday. So it has been a good mail day.

That's all for now. My life has been pretty boring lately but I'm ok with that. I like being at home and creating. It's all good.

Friday, June 09, 2006


I am obsessively organizing my photos and scanning my negatives. I have spent the last 4 hours doing so. I guess it doesn't hurt that Joe is gone for 10 days!!! I don't know what my fascination with old photos is due to...I just love looking and them. I wish I could remember things more. I really need to blog more details because they are so easy to forget!

This is an old photo of my dad's side of our family. Sadly, I haven't seen my youngest Aunt LuLu in probably over 10 years. And look at that 'fro on Ant Jy-Ming! You know this must have been taken some time in the '70s!! My parents are younger in this picture than me and Joe are now...can you imagine that???

Thinking about how time passes by like that makes me really want to treasure every moment. This is why I love scrapbooking - I don't want to forget my life.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Yet more randomness

14. I like started little random projects (ex. scrapbooking mini books), but I have a hard time finishing them. In fact, the easiest things for me to finish are just reading books. Making stuff is a different story.

13. I'm a little jealous of Mac geeks. I kind of wish I were one, but I actually like how PCs work.

12. Surprisingly, these days my interest in shopping for clothes has waned a bit. I went to the Galleria with Joe on Monday and sales were everywhere. I looked and looked but didn't really find anything I HAD to have.

11. I am into finding fun trendy accessories at Target for cheap! I got a oversized white bag, and 2 pairs of oversized sunglasses (one white, one tortoiseshell) for less than $50. I debated on getting 2 vs. 1 pr of sunglasses, but decided on both because my usual sunglasses are more than $200 each!

10. I think I am slightly dyslexic with numbers. I always get them mixed up - when typing account numbers or phone numbers, especially.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Even more random facts

19. I like to keep my fingernails really short. I think this is mainly a result from playing the piano for 10 years - can't have long fingernails to do that. Also it makes typing on the computer easier as well and, lastly, I have a hard time keeping them clean.

18. Sometimes I think Joe is a better husband than I am wife. He makes my lunch, cooks dinner when I can't, puts up with my messes and doesn't complain when I buy stuff. He's the best (I just have to keep reminding myself of that when he does something to piss me off! I have been working on that.)

17. Lately I have been on this obsessive scrapbooking kick. I still spend more time reading idea books and looking at Two Peas than actual scrapping, but I have been making progress.

16. Work has been really stressful the last 2-3 months. Mainly because we are way understaffed. I usually like my job but everyone (co-workers and patients alike) have been trying my last nerve as I probably have on theirs. I need to work on that.

15. I finally joined the 21st century and now have an Ipod nano, courtesy of Mom and Dad Wang for my 35th bday. Love it. Now I need to buy some songs from Itunes.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Too early to be up

For some reason my body woke me up around 5 this morning. I am sore!! This weekend was good for working out - I did 1 hour of cardio on Sat (still no running - the foot is not ready yet). And Sunday I took a half hour walk before yoga. Yoga was great - I didn't lose as much as I feared and I had to modify some poses, but I really enjoyed. Paying the price of a 2 month hiatus this morning though because my legs and shoulders are stiff and sore. Maybe that's why I'm up.

I also had a productive scrappin' day. 5 pages of just random things. I did what SJ suggested in her book and picked pictures that called to me. I meant to finish Ting's wedding album, but wasn't feeling motivated for that.

My next big project will be to get some pics printed and scrap some recent stuff. I am ready for my BPS class to start this Thursday!

Other random news - Nordstom is having their half yearly sale starting this Wed. Must go to the Galleria...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Thirty years ago..

Miss Ting was born!! And my world was a better place :).

Happy birthday Tinger! I love you tons and tons!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

June already????

This year is flying by! And it's been hard to get motivated. To go to the gym, that is! A body in motion tends to stay in motion, while a body at rest, well, you get it. I was going to start the new month off by doing some cardio this morning. That didn't work out too well. I'm thinking this saturday I have no excuse. No work and Joe will be doing some crazy 6 hour workout, so one hour for me shouldn't be too bad. Especially with my new Ipod!

P.S. I had my first visitor here. She's a cute lady with a great blog. Does that mean I have to be clever when I write now?