Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Only 32 hours

...of work left until a 4-day weekend!! Work kind of reminds me of school. It's not so bad once you are there, but thinking about it leaves me with dread. Not a good thing. I need to change my attitude. I think it's just that it's never ending. There is always going to be another month. Always another target to hit. Always more patients to see. Good and bad, I guess.

I haven't been blogging as much lately because I haven't had much to say. Still into the scrappin'! I need to find more WRMK linen albums. I love them. HL had lots and I should have bought more when they were half off. But they didn't have all the cool colors. We really need to organize our "office/guest room" as well. Hopefully we'll be getting a new desk soon.

I just joined Netflix, and I am enjoying it. Not having to go to the video store is a plus, as well as no late fees. I also like having a bunch of movies that I've already chosen and they send them one by one. My kind of store!

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Rhonda said...

2 things.... one this statement "It's not so bad once you are there, but thinking about it leaves me with dread" is so what I feel and could not find the words. So I will be borrowing this statement for ever more :)

Second is I am placing an order from WRMK this coming week and those albums are $20 each and probably about $5 delivery so if you want to order some on my order just let me know :)