Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hard time letting go

08.31.10all items remix'd
top: J. Crew
skirt: M+O
shoes: B. Makowsky
shades: Tom Ford
earrings: gift'd

I took a random day off from work today to hang out with my sis and mom and to see my little nephew off to his first day of "school." Poor guy, they had a fire drill right after he was put down for his nap so he didn't get much sleep, but he was definitely a trooper!

I thought I would find something new and exciting to wear today but I really love these sandals so out they came. And this technically isn't what I wore all day (I was in shorts and flip flops most of the day), but I am off to school myself (Continuing Ed for work).

Monday, August 30, 2010

Now what?

Three posts in one day? Obviously I have some time on my hands and I am making up for my missed time yesterday!

1-5 recap6-10 recap11-15 recap16-2021-2526-30I love seeing all my looks together. I know I get inspired when I see other people where the same items different ways, so I like being able to inspire myself!

Some stats for the challenge:
Items worn the most: a 3 way tie between 3 different pairs of shoes: gray wedges, flips flops and ballet flats (each worn 6 times)

Items worn the least: a 2 way tie betrwwn brown platform wedges and white chinos (only worn once!)

Favorite Look: 19, because I love color

Least favorite look: 2, because it was a bit dull

What I learned: I really should have chosen some more interesting casual tops than the ribbed tanks, because they got real boring real quick. Accessories can definitely make a look. A girl can never have enough shoes!

What I am taking away: Less really is more because having a limited wardrobe to choose from made getting dressed much easier. Except for shoes: Shoes are like accessories than really can change an outfit. I have more clothes than I can possibly wear so being creative can stretch my wardrobe. I don't have to shop all the time.

What next: I am looking forward to "shopping my closet" in September. I bought a number of things from our last 2 trips that I haven't yet pulled out. So I will have a lot of new clothes to wear without even spending more money!

I have a feeling some of the items in my 30 will still be in strong rotation because they are great for work. And I am okay with that.

I wish I had the guts to join The Great American Apparel Diet but I know myself well enough that I don't have that kind of will power. So instead I am going to put myself on a monthly budget and make sure I buy only what I love and what I can incorporate into my existing wardrobe. If I want something that is outside the monthly budget, then I will have to wait and save more.

I am also going to attempt to limit which fashion/style blogs I visit. My need for new things stems from wanting what I see other people buying. I keep reminding myself there will always be new pretty things that I will want and I will never be able to have it all so just chill and enjoy what I have. I think that should work.

29 & 30!

30 for 30 Banner

6 + 13 + 29
earrings: gift'd&remix'd
shades: Tom Ford, remix'd

What I wore yesterday. This outfit was actually born out of necessity: almost all my casual 30 items were in the laundry and these were the only things that were clean :)

23 + 28
shades: Tom Ford

I am meeting the hubs for lunch soon, which gives me an excuse to put on a dress for the last day! Whew! Can't believe I did it!

Here is a recap of the second half of this challenge:16-2021-2526-30I will be posting my thoughts and plans for the future later!

Week in photos

I don't think I looked at a computer once yesterday...kind of nice to be in the land of 3-D for a bit :)

2010 08 23 photoPracticing selfies with the peanut.

2010 08 24 photoI want her hair...

2010 08 25 photoCan't get the peanut to stay still these days!

2010 08 26 photoProject Runway night!

2010 08 27 photoCelebrating the birthday of one of my yoga peeps.

2010 08 28 photo9 months old...where does the time go?

bottoms up!IMG_1803Pool party at Club Rue (we did get in the pool at some point, but sometimes it's nice to be inside with the food and drink!)

2010 08 29 photoReally? You know you are in a classy place when the bartender pours you a full cup o' wine!

We watched the Emmys last night as well...so happy that Modern Family won best comedy. I love that show.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


30 for 30 Banner

10 + 22 + 27
earrings: James Avery
belt: Ann Taylor

Another working weekend...boo. At least I can wear pretty things. I'm hoping my coffee kicks in soon!

Friday, August 27, 2010

26 + 27

30 for 30 Banner

4 + 19 + 24

I just switched out my pants and shoes last night to hang out with my peeps and watch Project Runway. Last night was a great, drama-filled show and solidified my love for Tim Gunn. I love how he calls it like it is!

5 + 16 + 30
earrings: gift'd&remix'd

I wasn't feeling the photo this morning. Probably because I went to bed at 10:45 and got up at 4:45 to run!

Only three more days to go. So ready to wear some different clothes!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


30 for 30 Banner

4 + 18 + 30
earrings: old&remix'd
belt: Gap, remix'd

I think one of the reasons I shop at the Gap so much is that their pants just fit me. I have pretty muscular thigh and calves and the way some pants fit at different stores baffles me. For instance, while trying on some skinny pants at Loft, sizes 2&4 were ginormous in the waist but I could barely fit them over my legs. I'm not sure what person would fit those pants, because a girl with calves that skinny would probably have a skinnier waist too, right?

I digress...anyways, wouldn't you know, the moment I complain about the weather than a "cool" front comes through! Cool is obviously a relative term because I think the temp is still going to reach the upper 80s to low 90s by this afternoon, but the humidity is much lower so you don't feel like you're about to enter a sauna when you open the front door!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


30 for 30 Banner

23 + 14 + 26
earrings: gift'd&remix'd
belt: Gap, remix'd

I am trying to be a bit more creative and wear this dress as a top, inspired by Kendi and Clare. Less than a week to go...I am dying to wear other things in my closet!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

21, 22, & 23

30 for 30 Banner

7 + 11 + 28
shades: Dsquared, remix'd
bangles: Alexis Bittar, remix'd

This is basically what I spent the weekend in (when I wasn't in my bathing suit), so now I'm a day behind!

5 + 20 + 29
shades: Dsquared, remix'd

I cheated a bit yesterday. The roses on my tank were getting to hot to wear so I switched it out for a basic tank.

1 + 9 + 13 + 30
earrings: gift'd&remix'd
necklace: Loft, remix'd

And what I am wearing today. I have been reading blogs and how everyone is looking forward to fall, sweaters, boots, blah blah. We have at least one more month of stifling heat and humidity before we can even think about cooler weather. So it should be easy for me not to shop in September because looking at all the sweaters in stores just makes me even hotter!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Week in photos

2010 08 15 photoGrabbing a quick afternoon beer.

2010 08 16 photoWe run a lot.

2010 08 17 photoCuteness

2010 08 18 photoExercising our brains as well.

2010 08 19 photoPR night!

2010 08 20 photoBlurry cuteness (he's getting too fast!)

2010 08 21 photoDSC_70272010 08 22 photoOur friends make the most beautiful babies.

IMG_1687Sunday brunch (before the long drive home)

Saturday, August 21, 2010


30 for 30 Banner

I am still a day behind, but this is what I wore to work yesterday.08.20.10
3 + 18 + 30
earrings: gift'd&remix'd

I'm glad I picked items I love for my 30. I think I could wear this top everyday and be ok :)

We are going on a road trip this weekend! We'll probably be leaving in the next hour or so to visit some friends up in the DFW area. Today will be spent poolside and A&K's newly built pool! And tomorrow I will be doing a photoshoot with T&C&kiddos before having brunch with them. We are looking forward to this mini-getaway to spend time with friends. See you on the other side!

Friday, August 20, 2010


30 for 30 Banner

Sorry for being a day late. This is technically the outfit of yesterday.08.19.10
2 + 12 + 26
earrings: old, remix'd
belt: Gap, remix'd

I have actually worn this combination before,05.13.10just styled a bit differently. As you can see, my hair is getting a bit bigger and I am due for a cut. Haven't decided if I want it shorter or to grow into a little bob...