Thursday, August 26, 2010


30 for 30 Banner

4 + 18 + 30
earrings: old&remix'd
belt: Gap, remix'd

I think one of the reasons I shop at the Gap so much is that their pants just fit me. I have pretty muscular thigh and calves and the way some pants fit at different stores baffles me. For instance, while trying on some skinny pants at Loft, sizes 2&4 were ginormous in the waist but I could barely fit them over my legs. I'm not sure what person would fit those pants, because a girl with calves that skinny would probably have a skinnier waist too, right?

I digress...anyways, wouldn't you know, the moment I complain about the weather than a "cool" front comes through! Cool is obviously a relative term because I think the temp is still going to reach the upper 80s to low 90s by this afternoon, but the humidity is much lower so you don't feel like you're about to enter a sauna when you open the front door!

Happy Thursday!


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I know what you mean about fit! I've kind of got a boyish figure but my thigh area is not ... small. I hate most skinny pants because they don't hug them in a flattering way.

I love your outfit today - it's so simple but really crisp too. And yay, you're almost done with your challenge!

Megan Mae said...

Cute bxw combo! 5 more to go!

I'm apparently the opposite of you. I had a pair of Gap jeans that were a size 0 and they swam on me. LOFT size 0/2/4 fits me like a glove.

I have really slender legs and if I gain weight it goes entirely to either my torso or bum. My mom's the same way. She's still has really thin legs but gains her weight in her boobs (lucky her).

LyddieGal said...

I'm a huge gap addict as well, but their sizing often baffles me- any skirt needs to be a 0 for it to fit on my waist, and a few years ago the 6 in pants fit me perfectly, and now they fit at the hips but not the waist.
Either way, I keep going back...