Wednesday, July 31, 2013

me, myself and i

1/30. Pink+yoga=#abeautifulmess #selfie #latergram #lululemon
The main reason I upgraded to an iPhone 5 was the camera (and its panoramic function, which I don't use nearly enough!). I also wanted more apps without having to worry about the memory getting too full!

2/30. How they see me #ABeautifulMess #selfie
I have been participating in a self-portrait-a-day challenge this month, using the "A Beautiful Mess" app.

3/30. #ABeautifulMess
Although taking a picture of yourself everyday can seem a bit narcissistic, it can also be a way to practice photography without bugging anyone else.

4/30. Early Sunday AM #ABeautifulMess5/30. And i@was not driving when this photo was taken! #ABeautifulMess#selfie
You can experiment with different perspective.

6/30. New earring #jcrew #ABeautifulMess
...and lighting

7/30. Fruit and veggie salad with toasted coconut for dinner #pictapgo_app #abeautifulmess #vegan #selfie
And sometimes you don't even have to hardly be in the photo at all!

I am halfway through the challenge...won't you play along? :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

project life 2013 | week 28*

{july 7-13}
week 28 title card
title card
This week was full of family and friends - just the way we like it.

week 29 full spread, no inserts
full spread, no inserts
Lots of people photos this week. (Sorry everything looks so bright and washed out - still working on the best way to photograph and edit these pages!)

full spread, insert right and left
I had a few photos I wanted to highlight, so added a 5x7 insert.

insert, front and back
My bestie and her hubs are so cute. I have known them for over 20 years (her since high school!) and love them like family. They are seriously the BEST.
   The square photo is an IG of the ladies. I love the background paper and didn't want to hide it so kept the mini page simple.

left side
We hung out with some of our favorite people in the world this week. Life is sometimes great that way.

right side
All these photos were from Saturday. And I actually took pics with my big camera - yay me!

Can I just tell you how happy I am, having these photos already in an album for us to look and enjoy? Sometimes I worry about swimming in a sea of photo albums by the time I am 80, but that's a problem for future EE to deal with!

*week 27 is still in the works - we were in NYC and Maine and photos have been printed; just trying to decide how to document everything!

Monday, July 29, 2013

weekend lens | a quiet one

10/30. Early morning walk. #ABeautifulMess#fromwhereistand#newtons
We had a pretty uneventful weekend, spent mostly at home, which is what I like to do.

Saturday night dinner at Radical Eats was our highlight - love the vegan Mexican food! And their chipotle chocolate cake :)

#pictapgo_app #rainbow
Look closely at this photo; do you see it?

11/30. Yes, there's a bug in my hair #ABeautifulMess#burningmanhair #burningman2013
Joe's been busy studying for a Cisco test, which is the main reason we've been laying low. So left to my own devices, I have been working on outfits for Burning Man. Much more on that to come later!

Although Monday is here again, this week will be short for us (summer vacation, part 3 coming up!), so it's all good.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Last night I received a text from a dear friend (she was a bridesmaid in our wedding) who happened to be in town overnight with her family. Because I am old, I was already in my pjs, but wanted to see her so threw on a dress and some lipstick and met her out for drinks. I'm so happy I did...friends who have been there and back again with you are the best friends to have and keep!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

38 days...

The Man #burningman2012 #latergram
...until the Man burns! We did some more shopping yesterday which inspired me. I am going to attempt to make a hair piece...we'll see how it goes!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

project life 2013 | midway

(Over) halfway through the year...hard to believe!
end page, vol. 1
I am determined to keep the year split into only 2 albums, even though it means that each one is pretty stuffed full. And I kept this page simple: favorite photos of us from the first half of the year, cards from the 2 core kits I have with one stamp of the camera that I have been using on my title cards this year and our last name initial. 

title page, vol. 2
Again, super simple page. We actually took some fun photos the last couple weeks so I used those. A camera stamp and some wood veneers and we're done! I added a wood veneer heart with "us" in the middle to the bottom left photo after taking this pic. I like doing things in 3s but sometimes don't think about it until looking at the page for a bit.

Memory keeping Project Life style is awesome. I love the real time nature, getting recent photos in albums that we can enjoy and being creative at the same time. But I have missed traditional scrapbooking and have been inspired to get some more meaningful, retrospective pages done. More soon!

Monday, July 22, 2013

out of practice

The funny thing, for me, about writing and blog-writing in particular, is that once the words stop, they become hard to re-discover. So this week my goal is to write more - nothing specific, maybe just how our days have been - just to exercise those writing muscles again.

We had a pretty quiet weekend.
Mommy and me #pictapgo_app
Spent some good time with Mommy.

Silhouette #latergram #pictapgo_app
Finally found a good spot to take sunset silhouette photos.

Thanks to @davidisabamf
Got my hair did!

title page 05
Had fun with a "photo booth."

Practiced yoga.

Post yoga breakfast
Ate some tasty breakfast tacos.

As always, the weekend went by much too fast! Happy Monday :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

project life 2013 | week 26

{june 23-29}
week 26 title card
title card
I am about a week "behind" on this project, but that's OK. And I still love it.

full spread
Because we were traveling at the end of the month, keeping things simple made it easy to finish these pages. One card with some words for every day of the week. And then just drop the photos in. Easy peasy!

left side
We had a family emergency (that is still in progress) so I spent a lot of time with my sister and the boys this week. Funny thing - the iPhone makes it that much easier to take day to day photos, but now the majority of mine are portrait instead of landscape! Luckily having digital templates make it simple to just size down the photo and put it into a horizontal pocket.

right side
The photos don't exactly match the words day for day, but as a whole they capture the essence of the week. Because my weeks run from Sunday-Saturday, part of our vacation landed on week 26 but most on week 27. I added a couple photos to this spread but will use more for next week. Next year I may keep our weekends together but we'll see...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

summer vacation, part 2

This weekend we didn't go anywhere but some dear friends came down to visit! Many photos were taken with the big camera and have yet to be uploaded, but we did

Cheers to new and old friends
...cheer to friendships, newish and oldish.

...admire some extra large Beatles.

...sneak in a selfie where no photography was allowed (such rebels).

#pictapgo_app #latergram
...spend some good QT

Cocktail time
...savor some interesting cocktails

Lovelies #pictapgo_app that we have such beautiful people in our life.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

project life 2013 | week 25

{Jun 16-22}
week 25 title card
title card
This is the last week of PL I have completed. And we have guests coming in this weekend so I think that it will have to suffice for now. Living life is sometimes more important than documenting it ;)!

full spread, no insert
I did something a bit different this week. Father's Day was on that Sunday and I wanted to create a page for our dads like I did for our moms. And I had too man photos from the rest of the week to just use a single page.

full spread, insert right side
So I made the rest of the week as a page and a half. And I kind of like how it turned out.

left side
A close up of our dad's day page. Joe still needs to write a note to his father. Otherwise, I love using these old photos.

insert front
Just a few random photos from the week. I included a photo of my best friend's kiddos - can't believe how tall they are!

insert back
This side was used to document the party we had celebrating the summer solstice with our friends.

right side
And Saturday we threw a birthday pool party for another friend. Both nights were the perfect start to the summer.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

summer vacation, part 1

For our first vacation of the summer, we
...walked across a bridge

Urban goddess #ejksummer2013 #ejknyc13
...played dress up

#nycpride2013 #ejknyc13 #ejksummer2013
...saw our favorite city from an island

Sweaty people #latergram #nycpride2013 #ejknyc13 #ejksummer2013
...danced the day away

...reconnected with family

#pictapgo_app #ejknyc13 #ejksummer2013
...took an evening boat cruise

#nycpride2013 #ejknyc13 #ejksummer2013
...celebrated Pride

Lady #ejknyc13 #ejksummer2013
...admired her Lady

Morning tea #ejknyc13 #ejksummer2013
...drank tea

#ejknyc13 #ejksummer2013
...went to the wrong museum

Last leg to Maine #ejksummer2013
...took a train

...walked across another bridge

#selfie #pictapgo_app #ejksummer2013
...took and overedited a cool selfie while doing laundry

Gram! #pictapgo_app #ejksummer2013
...visited Gram

Race time #pictapgo_app #ejksummer2013
...ran (and watched) a 10K

#summerfood #bpcphonephotographyproject #ejksummer2013
...ate lots of good food

Belated bday cake #summerfood #ejksummer2013
...celebrated a birthday

Golfing #family #bpcphonephotographyprokect #ejksummer2013
...played golf

Kayaking #pictapgo_app #family #bpcphonephotographyproject #ejksummer2013

Good morning! #pictapgo_app #ejksummer2013 #latergram
...watched the sunrise

To home with no hitches! #ejksummer2013
...and made it home with no delay or drama!