Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Circus

As in the Britney Spears concert. She was not as bad as I thought, but she really wasn't that good either. Knowing someone is lip-synching their "live concert" as different from actually experiencing it and quite honestly I didn't care for it much. It was like going to watch someone's video for 2 hours. The Pussycat Dolls opened for her and I thought they were much better...dancers, singers, the whole bit.

She did have a pretty incredible stage show...I'll give her that much credit. But now I can check this off the list and don't have to see her again...for at least 10 years!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I have not been motivated to update the old bloggity blog as of late. I am still taking tons of photos and the what not, but just haven't been inspired to write. Maybe because my head is stuffed and I am not thinking straight?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's just allergies

...or that's what I keep telling myself. Ever since we landed on Monday evening, my nose has been stuffed up and I have been totally congested. It's worse than it was before we left, but I think there's a lot of stuff flying around in the air lately. I hope it gets better soon!

I love going away on vacation but the real world always stinks for awhilte after you get back. So I'll end with some eye candy:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Playing catch up

We had a fabulous time in Puerto Vallarta. The beach, the sun, the food, the drinks, the dancing, the company couldn't be better!Now back to the real world - 189 messages in my email (most of the junk, of course), over 400 photos to sift through and work to deal with. Why can't every day be beach day?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

2009 03 19 photo
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...for PV tomorrow! Woot woot! I definitely need a break!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A bit depressed

I have been avoiding looking at my retirement funds because, well, because. Doing our taxes today I had to look at my statment...talk about depressing!! I am hoping things pick back up soon or I am going to be working for a very very long time...

Happy St. Paddy's Day

I always find it funny that I forget to post on days where I have all the time in the world, yet, find the time when I really need to be heading on out to work! My goal today is to find something green to photograph. Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend update

What I did this weekend:
-started packing for PV and deciding if I needed to buy anything
-worked for 1 hour
-had breakfast at Tiny Boxwoods for the 1st time with my best friend (we had chocolate chip cookies for dessert - yummy!)-went to Target to pick up a sun hat for PV
-chatted with Peg while she got her hair did
-got my hair did :)
-met Joe at the Galleria for a little shop shop (luckily I couldn't find the platform sandals I wanted and didn't do too much damage)
-got wet while running from the car to Panara bread for a late lunch (love their bread bowls)
-watched JFK (yes, the old movie with Kevin Costner. it was pretty good just really long) and had breakfast for dinner
-ran 5 miles
-made a yummy grapefruit/orange protein shake
-practiced yoga
-ate lunch at Brown Bag Deli
-got manis+pedis-tried to go to Old Navy but they were closed!
-went to Central Market
-TCBY for yums
-scrapped a bit
-ate fish, green beans and potatoes for dinner while watching The Soup
-wondering how the weekend went by so fast!

Friday, March 13, 2009


2009 03 13 photo
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After warming up the last few weeks we got a shock today - only in the 40s! I expect this will be the last cold weekend of the winter so I guess we should enjoy it?

Work was rather uneventful for a Friday and I got out early, so I came home and drove with Joe to yoga. It is not even 10 pm and Joe is already in bed (the crazy man is getting up at the crack to run 10 miles before swimming) and I am about to join him.

Tomorrow I will be spending some time with my dear sis as well as getting my hair cut. I love weekends off!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The daily grind

2009 03 11 photo
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Life is been a bit boring lately. Just the same ole same ole. I have to say, though, this week has been much less stressful and I have been in a much better mood so I am appreciating the little things.

In other random news, I have really been enjoying my yoga practice these past few weeks and I feel like I am making some good progress. I have been able to transition from bhujapaidasana into bakasana (crow) back into chataranga (sp?) without stopping. My bhujapaidasana still needs quite a bit of work but it's getting there! And my drop backs are much stronger as well. I love that you can actually see yourself getting better!

This weekend is going to be focused on getting ready for Puerta Vallarta next Friday! I am ready for a vacation!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Less is more

One of the goals swirling in my mind this year is to BUY LESS. Less stuff means less mess, right? This includes clothes, shoes, accessories, SCRAPPING SUPPLIES...you name it. And so far I have done pretty well. I can count the articles of clothing I have bought this year on 2 hands. No shoes yet (I plan on buying one pair of black platform/wedge sandals for the summer - probably an investment pair like my TB booties!). And only one design card for the Slice as my scrapping purchase. I am starting to run out of albums so I will stock up on those at the next Hobby Lobby sale. And I am starting to USE up my endless supply of stuff. If the paper is so CUTE, I should use it and not just have it right? Although sometimes I do drool over the newest cute embellishments, I remind myself that something new will always be available and to use my current stuff up first!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Not bad for a Monday

2009 03 09 photo
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Work today was much less stressful than the past 2 weeks so my Monday was actually quite enjoyable. I was even able to sneak home during lunch, since I forgot my food! I had a great yoga practice and came home to my Joey making dinner! We are now winding down and getting ready for bed. Just another day in the life...

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Losing an hour

2009 03 08 photo
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...is not that bad, I suppose. Luckily I already ran yesterday so I didn't have to wake up super early. After seeing patients for an hour, I met Joe for our usual yoga practice. We then came home, had some lunch and worked on the backyard for an hour. Our tenants are leaving at the end of the month so we need to make the jungle that is our backyard a bit more presentable!
Joe then rode his bike to the office to drop off clothes for tomorrow morning, which gave me time to scrap and play with my new Noteworthy Slice card! We also did a bit of shopping along Westheimer (didn't find anything) as well as more grocery shopping (ever exciting).
So did we actually cook any of the food we bought today? Of course not. We ended up meeting some peeps at Berry Hill for fish tacos. We didn't drink any crackritas so came home before 7pm. After watching some 60 minutes and catching up on some of my blogs, it's almost time for bed. I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Not bad for a Friday

2009 03 06 photo
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Today was actually a pretty good day. Work was not nearly as crazy as I thought it would be and I got done a bit early. The weather outside was beautiful - blue skies with fun white fluffy clouds. I had a great yoga practice. Joe and I ate our favorite salmon sandwich and did a little shopping at Central Market after yoga. And I got some happy mail: my printed photos for February as well as the Noteworthy card and card holder for my Slice! Now if I could only have more time to scrap!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

long day

2009 03 05 photo
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Today was a long and busy day at work. I met my book club ladies for some yummy pizza afterwards and I am now catching up with AI. So I guess I really shouldn't complain. And tomorrow is Friday even though Saturday is a work day (boo!)

sister time

2009 03 04 photo
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Tingaling and I went to this girl's night out thing downtown yesterday. It was quite random with a lot of people but not much worth buying. The best part was just catching up!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Back in the swing of things

2009 03 03 photo
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I woke up late this morning so didn't make it to the gym, but I did run around the neighborhood. Another week on the way...

Monday, March 02, 2009

Not on the PV diet

2009 03 02 photo
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...but yummy! Joe took today off and we had doughnuts for breakfast. Otherwise, it's been a rather uneventful day. I have spent most of it doing laundry, eating, editing photos and scrapping. Couldn't ask for a better day off from work!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hello March!

I can't believe it's already the 3rd month of the year. February seemed like such a blur. I'm hoping March is a bit less chaotic!

We ran this morning in the 36degree weather - brrrr! And will follow up with our usual Sunday morning yoga. And craft Sunday afternoon after that - I'm looking forward to some scrapping and girl time!