Friday, March 13, 2009


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After warming up the last few weeks we got a shock today - only in the 40s! I expect this will be the last cold weekend of the winter so I guess we should enjoy it?

Work was rather uneventful for a Friday and I got out early, so I came home and drove with Joe to yoga. It is not even 10 pm and Joe is already in bed (the crazy man is getting up at the crack to run 10 miles before swimming) and I am about to join him.

Tomorrow I will be spending some time with my dear sis as well as getting my hair cut. I love weekends off!

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Tingaling said...

Loves hanging out at bfast at Tiny Boxwoods - yummy! The cookie at the end was the perfect ending! Good idea to always do bfast or lunch when we can't do Craft Sunday Afternoon!