Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend update

What I did this weekend:
-started packing for PV and deciding if I needed to buy anything
-worked for 1 hour
-had breakfast at Tiny Boxwoods for the 1st time with my best friend (we had chocolate chip cookies for dessert - yummy!)-went to Target to pick up a sun hat for PV
-chatted with Peg while she got her hair did
-got my hair did :)
-met Joe at the Galleria for a little shop shop (luckily I couldn't find the platform sandals I wanted and didn't do too much damage)
-got wet while running from the car to Panara bread for a late lunch (love their bread bowls)
-watched JFK (yes, the old movie with Kevin Costner. it was pretty good just really long) and had breakfast for dinner
-ran 5 miles
-made a yummy grapefruit/orange protein shake
-practiced yoga
-ate lunch at Brown Bag Deli
-got manis+pedis-tried to go to Old Navy but they were closed!
-went to Central Market
-TCBY for yums
-scrapped a bit
-ate fish, green beans and potatoes for dinner while watching The Soup
-wondering how the weekend went by so fast!

1 comment:

tingaling said...

Sounds like a good, full weekend! PV will be so fun - just no visits to the hospital ;-). Will miss ya! Xoxo