Thursday, June 22, 2006

Scrapbook nerd

That's me. I am currently taking 2 classes at BPS: A Library of Memories and Product Playground. The first is more of an organization and re-think the way you scrapbook class. I really love it because I have been a chronological, event-based scrapbooker my whole life and I want to get more into my pages. The Why-factor. I still am having a hard time with the photos, though. Most pic I take are at "events" or "things" we do, but I think this class will help me focus on what other pictures I should or want to take.

The second class is about using your products in layouts. This is great for me because I have countless scrapbooking supplies but am loathe to use them (because they are so cute!). But the only reason I have them is to use them on scrapbook pages! So this class will compliment the first because it will take the pictures I'm organizing and help me make pages with them. I am very excited about that. Now my only problem is having time to scrap! Work is going to be crazy until the end of the month so I probably won't be scrapping too much until then. My goal is one page a week for the product class. I can do it!

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