Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Yet more randomness

14. I like started little random projects (ex. scrapbooking mini books), but I have a hard time finishing them. In fact, the easiest things for me to finish are just reading books. Making stuff is a different story.

13. I'm a little jealous of Mac geeks. I kind of wish I were one, but I actually like how PCs work.

12. Surprisingly, these days my interest in shopping for clothes has waned a bit. I went to the Galleria with Joe on Monday and sales were everywhere. I looked and looked but didn't really find anything I HAD to have.

11. I am into finding fun trendy accessories at Target for cheap! I got a oversized white bag, and 2 pairs of oversized sunglasses (one white, one tortoiseshell) for less than $50. I debated on getting 2 vs. 1 pr of sunglasses, but decided on both because my usual sunglasses are more than $200 each!

10. I think I am slightly dyslexic with numbers. I always get them mixed up - when typing account numbers or phone numbers, especially.

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