Thursday, May 19, 2011

{Belated} Week in Photos, Part II

2011 05 09 photo
I spent my last day in the Bay Area with my best friend and her family. They are sickeningly cute!

2011 05 10 photo
My trip was cut short in order to make it home to see this lady. This was the previous post that was eaten then regurgitated by blogger.

Her live show was amazing. I think I *heart* Kylie even more than Madonna!

2011 05 11 photo
I have decided my nickname for the new nephew is going to be Little Buddha. I adore his cubby cheeks!

2011 05 12 photo
Our dad came down last week to help look after Little Buddha while his mom and Baby J went to the dentist. They both did a great job!

2011 05 13 photo
Dad cooked us dinner last Friday night and put together this delicious-looking bowl of fruit.

2011 05 14 photo
Hanging out with the hubs on Saturday. My favorite part of the summer is the longer daylight hours we have,especially to take pictures.

2011 05 15 photo
On Sunday before I left for Austin we went rock climbing. Of course the hubs is a natural, looking like a giant spider crawling up the walls.

top: Old Navy, remix'd
pants: Anthro
shoes: Target
sunnies: Dsquared, remix'd
earrings: gift'd&remix'd
necklace: Tiffany's, gift'd&remix'd

And what I wore on Monday, my first day in Austin. These are some new pants I acquired from Anthro a few weeks back. They are definitely a new silhouette for me - pleated, loose and cropped. I should probably wear them with heels so I don't look totally stumpy, but I think I will be having fun styling these this summer.

D-day is tomorrow so don't mind me if you hear a lot of whining.


LyddieGal said...

Cute photos!
I love your long shadows, they tell a sweet story.

Chic on the Cheap

Megan Mae said...

The casual pants are really cute. The bowl of fruits looks deliiiicious.