Thursday, May 26, 2011

Missing my closet

all items remix'd
top: Ann Taylor
skirt: Old Navy
shoes: Ann Taylor
sunnies: Dsquared
earrings: Collingon Designs, gift'd
belt: Gap

When traveling for work, I spend more time on the computer reading blogs, especially my favorite style blogs. Then I start missing all the pretty clothes in my closet and have to do my best not to shop. So for my next work trip I need to not be so lazy and bring something more fun to wear (even though I really love this shirt).


Fashion Therapist said...

LOVE that top - looks so great on you.

Megan Mae said...

Aww I think your monochrome look is really cute! I especially love the grey shoes. Hopefully you'll be back to your whole wardrobe soon.

(also re: the weather - Yikes it's been crazy. It storms all night due to the Northern stuff going on, but it's humid-hot-hot heat during the day. Hopefully you're at least spared these storms)