Wednesday, September 12, 2012

that time of year

top: Anthro / skirt: F21 / shoes: Ann Klein / belt: Ann Taylor
I went to Forever 21 looking for Burning Man clothes, but I also found this fairly modest, well-fitting skirt. I love the polka dots, so of course it came home with me.

But, really, it's that time of year again. Not back to school and not even back to fall, although the temps and humidity have been more bearable this week. Allergy season - woot! Scratchy throat, itchy eyes, sneezy nose...gotta love the change in weather that comes with September. Here's to hoping allergy weather will keep the temps even cooler.


Wendy said...

Lovely little skirt and the shoes are divine. We're heading in to spring and much the same this side - pounding headache, acheing eyes and stuffy nose :-(. I'd swop cities/continents with you for a month though if you're keen!

Rebecca said...

Allergy season is the worst! I like that pink top.

Megan Mae said...

The skirt looks so great with your pink blouse - but omg I am dying over how cute your hair looks.

Keely said...

CUTE bangs! Love it!