Friday, September 07, 2012

finally Friday

Work has been fairly low-key this week, of which I am thankful, but I am also thankful that a 3-day weekend is ahead as well. Burning Man is still on my mind, but I promise this will be the last post about it.

Entrance to #burningman2012The #burningman at night #burningman2012 #latergramMe and @hoover11 at #burningman2012Amazing art #burningman2011 #latergramThe Man #burningman2012 #latergramMore art #burningman2012 with @hoover11 #latergramTake me to you leader @hoover11 #burningman2012 #latergramDust devil #burningman2012  #latergram#distrikt #burningman2012 #latergramTip of the temple #burningman2012 #latergram
Photos cannot even begin to do justice the experience we had; I took around 700 pics but wish I had taken more. Sometimes, however, participation takes precedence over documentation. Next time (yes, we are going back), I think I will devote one whole day just to take photos of everything I can and then (maybe) put the camera away. We'll see about that!

I plan on taking the weekend to do life and blog catch-up; thanks for your kind comments! Have a wonderful weekend.

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Megan Mae said...

How amazing. It's like a totally different world. Maybe spend a day with your 'big camera' but carry either a point-n-shoot or a disposable for the rest of the time. Something you can keep on you for quick snaps.