Tuesday, September 18, 2012

project life | week 37

{Sept 9-15}
#projectlife week 37 full spread
full spread
Halfway into September and I am patting myself for keeping current with this project. Having virtual inspiration and encouragement through blogs and IG definitely helps.

#projectlife week 37 left side
left side
Digital templates and making an effort to upload and edit photos daily helped keep the stories I wanted to tell fresh in mind and easy to complete.

#projectlife week 37 right side
right side
My own messy handwriting included in each weeks helps to keep this project "scrappy" for me and nothing beats the quality of a good dSLR photo.
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dnsvm said...

Love the use of the other design protector!!! I've been watching your pages for a while! They are beautiful!

Melissa Whittaker said...

I see these on your Instagram but wanted to stop by and tell you I loved them here too! :)

Cerise said...

Beautiful layouts. I love how you set up the second page. I always struggles with that particular layout.

Amanda said...

Looks great!! Love the use of the different page protectors.

Catherine at Design Editor said...

Lookin' good!

Fiona said...

Great pages. I love all the text you included! That camera stamp is too cute :)