Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another day...

Joe and the boys are off to Miami today for his "5th annual bachelor party." I have mixed feelings about it. He loves to go so of course I can't stop him. But goodness, it's A LOT of partying and money!! I guess once a year is not too bad. But I'm also thinking this is probably the last year so I don't want to burst his bubble. He will be gone until Monday (when we get our sofa delivered!!!!). I have to work this weekend so it won't be too bad. I will also need to work on A&P's scrapbook which I really haven't touched since Monday. Marc did help me with some quotes on Tuesday so I think it will be coming together.

Boot camp with John this morning was good. Not as tough as last week. Apparently every one was mega sore from all those lunges we did. I remember being tired but not so sore. I think doing yoga helped.

I have a feeling today is going to be another crazy day at work. Actually everyday through Sat will be crazy. Makes the day go by..

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