Friday, March 10, 2006

Being introspective

This bloggin' thing has been a good one for me. I haven't really kept a journal since Joe moved to Houston. I like thinking about things. Appreciating what I have. Trying not to want want want. Taking each day at a time. Life is in the details. I love travelling and doing new things, seeing exotic places. But at the end of the day, I really enjoy sleeping in my own bed!

I went to SWAT this morning. It was a good class. We did all abs and legs. I am going to be sore tomorrow! I need to start changing up my routine. I am definitely getting bored with Boot, although I feel guilty when I don't go.

Work is going to be crazy so I should get going early.

9:22 PM
The invitations for Alan and Patrick's party are done and mailed (mostly). That's one task done! Now I have to work on their scrapbook!

Today was even more stressful than Wednesday, if that's possible. I think any patient with any problems decided to come in this afternoon. Talk about high stress! I am just exhausted. Mentally drained. Time for bed.

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