Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A full moon this morning

I ran early this morning at Memorial Park (miss Cindy!!). Driving there, down Memorial, I could see the moon in the horizon. It was one big round circle. Beautiful. It's hard to capture moments like that with an ordinary camera. Like last night on my way to dinner the sun was setting and the scene from 59 was gorgeous. And this is the middle of the city. So it's possible to find beauty anywhere you live; in the city you just have to look harder.

One thing about a full moon that frightens me - we tend to get "crazy" people in our office. Let's hope I'm just imagining this!

I read through The Big Picture at least 3 times yesterday. Awesome awesome awesome book and concepts. Her layouts are nothing spectacular, but the idea behind them is. Let go of having to scrap every single event, and scrap people, moments, etc. I think the reason I have always loved taking pictures and scrapbooking is that I like to REMEMBER things. Stacy's is a good way of doing this, in no particular order. Which goes against every grain in my scrapbooking body, but which I am going to adopt because chronological order is what kills me. I'm always "behind." After Ting and John's wedding album, I'm done with that. Just scrapbook what I want, when I want. I can't wait to get started.

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