Sunday, March 12, 2006

Time flies when you're at Berry Hill

So yesterday, after another hellish day at work, we went to dinner with the boys (well, Marc, Darryl, Matt, Daniel, John and Darah, so not all boys) at Collina's, our favorite restaurant to eat/socialize/hang out, etc. Of course after eating lots of bread and pizza and drinking lots of wine, I am done for the night. Everyone else (Joe included) goes to Meteor and South Beach for all sorts of debauchery. I was not a happy camper and awoke too early for the amount of sleep I had.

I saw patients this morning - they all did very well. I like doing the one-days; they are always so happy. Afterwards, I made a quick run to Target and went to yoga. After yoga we did our usual breakfast at little BerryHill on Revere. I like hanging out there with everyone cause we are just talking and laughing and telling stories - just good times. We were there for over 3 hours! But little BH always leads to BH on Montrose. Apparently today was their 3 year anniversary.

The only problem is that after 4:30-5, BH just gets too crowded and annoying. I usually reach my fill at this point. We went to The Mining Company for a bit but left soon after. I am now eating some Niko Niko's while Joe has already passed out.

This can be a typical Sunday. Just out of control. I think I'm over it. But Joe is not yet, and therein lies the problem. Sigh. Getting old is such a bitch.

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