Friday, July 21, 2006


I love this photo of Joe. I took it during the water show at the Bellagio when we were in Vegas this February. He's such a beautiful man! {again, edited with PSE}

I have been in a scrapping mood but haven't scrapped it like 2 weeks!! After this trip I should be able to do some. We are actually getting out second room organized and I have lots of my stuff more accessible to me. We got a new desk from Ikea as well as a scrapbook cart from Container Store. I knew we should have bought 2 at the time, but I ordered another one on Tues so hopefully it will be here next week.

I am torn on whether to get PSE or Microsoft Digital Suite. I'm liking how to change the B+W photos with layers a la Elsie Flannigan, but I'm thinking there must be a way to do it on MDS as well. For now I am going to try to convert as many photos as I can with my trial version as I would like to get one of these for Christmas (that's a long time to wait!).

I like the days when we don't have treatments going on at work. Definitely less stressful, for whatever reason. Probably because there are not a million people in the office. Last day of less stress today! Next week is going to be CRAZY since we didn't have any procedures the last 3 days.

Am off to the post office this morning before work. I ordered the Elsie Polka Dot Stamps along with my a million memories monthly kit. Can't wait to play!

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