Thursday, September 28, 2006

Life is good

This has been a good week. Nothing really exciting going on. But I can't really complain. The blahs are gone. The weather is fantastic (for Houston). Work is...well, work, but nothing can change that. Whether I work here or there, until I win the lotto, it's just a necessity of life.

I just finished a layout about me, inspired by Elsie F. I am actually quite pleased with the result. Since it's already tucked away in our "All About Us" album in our Library of Memories (thanks, Stacy J!) I will probably not be inclined to scan it. But I'm happy knowing it's done.

This year I have really changed the way I scrap. My pages used to be all about the events or things we did. Since taking this BPS class I am scrapping people. What we do, love or see. I want to create more pages about the people I love. Sometimes I have morbid thoughts - what if something were to happen to me. Would so-and-so know how much they really meant to me? I want to get that down somewhere so that they know that yes, I did love them very much. My next project (and I have a million ideas running around in my little head - the execution is the hard part for me) will be to make a friends mini-album, with one of the 6x6 albums I have. The tiny size should be easier to work with, but I always have a problem with the initial design. Well, now I am going to let go of trying to be perfect (it never is anyways) and just have fun with it!

All for now. Back to the grind!

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Jody said...

Just stopped by to say hello. YAY for you getting a page done. Gotta love inspiration from Elsie!! She's so great at her art...always fun! Enjoy your weather and your good life right now. Ciao from me in Michigan. I head to Memory Trends/Las Vegas on the 10th of October- just around the corner! Hooray. =)