Sunday, September 24, 2006


So I finally went to the BRB (Brazos River Bottom) with Marc and Darryl last night. I really have been wanting to two-step, but Joe would never be caught dead in a place that didn't play a real beat (besides that he don't know how to 2-step). Marc was a good leader and we danced the night away! We went to dinner with Marc from Phoenix/LA (aka Bo(tox)-Marc or James), and Kirt and Mike, new friends with a pool who live a hop, skip and jump away. Brad and Andy wound up there as well as Gary, the ex-NFL player that Montrose Matt introduced us to.

I could only take about 3 hours of country music, but I must admit I did enjoy the dancing. I even enjoyed the boys dancing together - I think watching good dancers is always great, even if they are of the same sex!

Needless to say, this morning my head is hurting a little bit and I reek a little of smoke, but all in all we had a great night! I love this picture of our shoes - hee hee, looks like most of the boys at least attempted to go a little country! I also like that our jeans look like they are all the same wash!

Just a little more time to recuperate and then off to yoga - hopefully Yannis will be able to cleanse my system!

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