Sunday, October 15, 2006

it's raining...

it's pouring today! I went for a quick run when I woke up and I got some sprinkles. Now it's coming down pretty hard. Joe went to UofH to swim and I have been working on Joey's gift for next week. We went to this place called Harry's for brunch since the line at Baby Barnaby's was nasty. I had a pretty good greek omelet. After a quick stop at Luke's and the Gap, we hit the g-store and came home, where I am now.

Quite a productive day, if I can say so myself. Sometimes I like to be silent and not have to talk at all, which is why I enjoy scrappin' so much during my time off. I like to concentrate on something, not someone, which is what I must do at work.

I'm off to enjoy the rainy weather.

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