Sunday, November 12, 2006

A day of shopping

Instead of the wasting the sunny afternoon partying at Berry Hill, we spent it and our cash at the Galleria. I hadn't been for a while so I enjoyed walking around and seeing what's in stores. I got this cute top from Barney's Co-op (on sale of course) that, with the right support, accentuates two good features ;)! I also got a Project Red shirt from the Gap (inspi(red)) and a cute Nike track jacket from Nordstrom's (also on sale).

We started as 4 - Richie, Bo-Marc, Marc and me. We ended as 2 - me and Marc - the last shopper's standing! Marc and I also enjoyed a late lunch at the cafe in Nordstrom's. All and all a very good afternoon with my peeps.

I am glad I have tomorrow off so I can regroup for the next week. Work was busier than it had been for a long time, and I have a feeling it's going to keep being busy until some time next year. Which is a good thing, cause Momma needs her bonus $$ for Christmas!

Can't wait for my baby to come home!

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