Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bulging discs

Ugh - the discs in vertebrae L5 and S1 are bulging and the spine is pressing on them, which is causing my pain. I thought it was just an inflamed piriformis muscle, but it's so much more. My doc has me on the 3x/week program and I had my first visit yesterday. Right after I felt better, and they gave me a stretch to do, but I definitely will need more help before I am 100%. This totally stinks because I feel limited as far as exercise. I really haven't been able to do yoga very well because all those forward bends are really painful and I think kind of bad for it. But at least I have been running again. I am in such bad shape right now - I am just hoping I can make it for the half marathon in January. My plan is to run 1.5 hours on Sunday to at least build up some endurance before we leave for Costa Rica.

I had dinner at little Berry Hill with Matt and Rob last night while Joe was at the Galleria Christmas shopping and getting his hair done. That boy is almost more maintenance than me!

I am off to enjoy my morning until work starts at 10.

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