Sunday, January 07, 2007

A week already over

Here's to a great week. We had a productive and fun filled first week of January. We are in the process of trying to rennovate and rent out our upstairs unit as well as the garage apartment. The new coat of paint did wonders as will some new carpet. I have a feeling the garage apartment will rent first.

Alan and Patrick are visiting this week as well. We are going to dinner on Tuesday.
Here is a just a fun pic of me and my boy on NYE. I gotta start taking more daily pics.
5 reasons that I want to finish decorating the house:
1 - we've lived here over 1 year and it's still not done
2 - i am tired of looking at blank walls
3 - i want to tidy up the clutter
4 - i want to be able to lounge on the floor more comfortably
5 - i want an excuse to buy some new stuff!
i am going to take some before pictures of each room this week. and will slowly make each room into the after that i'm dreaming of! woo hoo!

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