Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's a vicious cycle

I have fallen out of blogging lately. I find that the less I write the less I feel like writing. And the less I feel like I have to write. This blog is really just for me to ramble and to look back on my own ramblings. I guess life is just getting in the way.
I watched Lost today. Love love love that show. I can see how people may get annoyed at how there is so much stuff going on and we don't have any real answers to what's going on with the island, but I am so enjoying the process of getting to know the characters. IMHO, that's the strength of the show - how the writers develop each character. I love that! Of course I would like to know exactly why the others are the way they are, etc, etc, but I like meandering along the way. Usually the meandering is more fun than what happens in the end - I find that endings can sometimes be disappointing. Case in point - I loved Desperate Housewives when we were trying to figure out why the one killed herself. But once that was solved, it just became a melodrama to me. So I stopped watching. But Lost I could watch for a long time.

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