Sunday, March 18, 2007

good times with good friends

My good friend Cindy is in town this weekend. She flew in 'cause she got some free tickets to the Scissor Sisters show on Friday night. Unfortunately I couldn't spend any time with her yesterday because I worked all day (blah) but we did have dinner with 15 of our closest friends at Dolce Vita. After much food and drinks (they have the BEST chocolate espresso martinis there - I actually had 2!), we went to The Flat for a drink. The bar was a little slow but we got to catch up some. Darryl and Cindy went home and Marc, Matt and I headed to Guava Lamp for more drinks and merriment. The boys dropped me off at home around 1:45 this morning; Joe actually woke up at 4:45 to get ready for his half marathon (ugh - better him than me!).
Unfortunately I am definitely feeling the effects of the glass of wine, 2 martinis and 2 vodka tonics I had last night. I am drinking water and trying to get my a$$ up and going - need to hit the grocery store and yoga before Joe gets home. I hope I can make it through yoga - I think an aspirin and some coffee should be the answer!

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