Sunday, July 15, 2007

Great weekend

My peeps from opt school were in town this weekend. Annie, Ann, ReeDee and I were back together again, reminiscing and reliving old memories. Both Ann and Ree are mamas now, so they were glad to get a short break from their babies, although I am sure they are missing them now on their way home.

We ate sushi at Azuma on Friday night and swung by Volcanos for some frozen screwdrivers. I love being with the girls but Volcanos was tired! Last night we ate at Nit Noi per Ree's request. Then I showed them our house. After a drink we met at Etro for more drins and dancing. BBJ met up with us there and everyone caught up. This is the first time the girls have seen him since he came out, so they had lots to talk about - hee hee.

Our last meal together was breakfast at Empire. Yum. I gave in and had an Almond Joy latte - DELISH! I miss my girls already!

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