Monday, August 06, 2007

Happy birthday

Great weekend! Marc and I started Saturday off by shopping for some jeans at The Warehouse Sale at the Galleria. I found a pair of skinny Chip and Peppers as well as Citizens, total less that $200. We had a yummy lunch at 515 Ruggles Grill in Saks. I finished my shopping with a pair of silver wedges for Marc's party and some new Bobbie Brown makeup. I love getting make-overs - fun to make yourself pretty!

Their party was a great success. Darryl and Joe made some yummy chocolate martinis. We ended the night with dancing at South Beach - I actually got home around 2:30 Am which is not too late for our crew.

D, Marc, Amy and I had brunch on Sunday at Baby Barnaby's before heading over to Club Rue for the pool party. We had perfect sunny weather. Life can't be better than hanging out in a nice pool, sipping pina coladas and catching up with good friends. I wish every day were Sunday afternoon! Kurt and Mike are supposed to be home next weekend so we can hopefully have another pool afternoon.

I am off to scrap my afternoon away. Love my Mondays off!

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