Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just a tease

When I thought the weather was cooling off...the humidity was still high this morning when Joe and I ran. I have had a harder time getting up early in the AM because the sun is taking its time to rise - typically isn't coming up until after 6:45 or so. Joe rode his bike for 1.5 hours before we ran for 30 minutes. I think I was still asleep for most of the run.
We are planning a trip to NYC in Oct. I signed up for a CE weekend at SUNY optometry so will be spending most of the weekend in classes, but at least we have the nights to have fun! I decided this on Tuesday and was inexplicably in a much better mood afterwards. Having something to look forward to definitely makes life much sweeter. I am also planning a trip to SF in Nov to visit my best friend Shaila and her family. I can't wait!

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