Thursday, October 11, 2007

A little late

We went to a fundraiser for an AIDS charity this past Sunday afternoon. The theme was white in Oct, which explains some of the white clothes. Marc and Richie were wearing white pants, which you can't see in the photo.
The party was held at this fabulous house just a few blocks from us. On the top floor they had a cool view of the city, so I took the opportunity to shoot some photos (surprise surprise). Unfortunately the sun was in our eyes, which is why my eyes look even smaller than usual.
The weather here can always be better, but I can't complain that in October I can still wear a tank top and not be too cold!

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tinger said...

Love the pic of you and josephine! the skyline looks so cool in the background - i like that it is blurry! and just think, since the sun was in your eyes, both were squinty, so one was not bigger than the other ;-)