Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Almost home

Just one more day of work until we are on the road to Arlington. (The road to Kona somehow sounds cooler.) Five whole days of resting and relaxation with the fam. I cannot wait. If you are reading this post, please be ready to take tons and tons of photos!

It's funny how I refer to Arlington as "home," even though I haven't lived there for almost 10 years (eek - I will have been in Houston exactly 10 years this coming fall!). I guess home is where I feel comfortable, safe and loved, no matter where the physical location is.

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tinger said...

Yarb - can't wait to see ya! I think home is when we are all together!

We may have to go buy Boomboom some jeans - since he is no longer puff up, his old jeans don't fit!

Drive safely!