Thursday, November 01, 2007

A new month

The first day of each month always seems like a good way to start fresh. I had big plans to clean out the closet, go to yoga and do some scrappin' today (had to day off from wook - woo hoo!). I guess one out of 3 ain't bad. Can you guess which one I made time for today?
I had lunch with Joe, Marc, Darryl and Daniel at Barnaby's for lunch, then Joe, Marc and I went to Empire for dessert. This is the main reason I skipped yoga - way too bloated from the chocolate cake!
I was definitely on a scrappy roll today. 6 layouts done. I love the gluing of pretty papers and matching the photos and reliving the memories. It's good stuff!

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tinger said...

i haven't scrapped in a long time! am hoping after friday i will have more time to do that!